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With the number one album in the world and pulling in a handsome paycheck Rihanna center stage for the New Year’s celebration at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday night (December 31). The Barbadian beauty happily tended to hostess obligations while joined by a few friends to ring in 2011. She thanks twitter fans for a great record breaking year.

Raz-B Is Now Making Threats…“Our People Got To Do Better for Real!!!

Raz-B is doing way too much for attention he’s now sending Chris Brown death threats. The feud started on Twitter, and now has become violent. Raz-B, who since 2007 has bringing publicity and drama to himself for bizarre videos, is back at it again, threatening to kill Chris Brown. Raz, who has a long history of releasing threatening videos then will turn around and apologize, is now threatening to put his “pistol” in Chris Brown’s mouth. Quote: “If I see you in L.A. my dude, I’m gonna put my … pistol in your mouth.” This is some crazy I’sh for attention?

FUNNY …Chris Rock Roasts President Obama At The “Kennedy Centers Honors” [Video]

A Little ignorant I might add but that’s entertainment!!!


Luv Nas! This joint is much more relaxing a far cry from what his audience have been used to in the past. GREAT artists who have been representing the culture with more respect than most rap artist today this people is actual MUSIC!

*Thank You Monica 4 Still Standing!

The beginning of a New Year is always exciting and for some tragic. It is a time to erase yesterday’s sorrows and start fresh! We must never forget the people or pets that have shaped our lives. Monica Album and single” Still standing has encourage and empowered me. She is such a strong black woman and I pray that this year be a more prosperous, happy and amazing year for all of us!

Thank You!

Marsha Ambrosius To Pay Respect To Tina Marie !

*Wow to have Marsha pay respect is beau-ti-ful!”Especially to the respect of someone like Tina Marie who has been around for so long. Nice to hear a true talent recognize artist appreciate another who have paved the way for so many in the industry today. Marsha is so respected in the industry and we can’t wait till her album drops…Thatswhatsupnow.

Uncle Rush New Cookie Cutter!!

Uncle Rush was spotted walking down Main Street in St. Barts with a new honey mystery women in sky blue dress. “We have seen this chick before on an episode of his reality show Running Russell Simmons. Her name was never mention; however the two was spotted out and about trying to locate an eatery spot for lunch and having a quite time on the beach.

Anderson Cooper New Get-up…Glasses!

Anderson Cooper from CNN debuts a new look on the Regis and Kelly show. The gorgeous hunk took a day off from his post at CNN to host the Regis and Kelly show to try out his new glasses and he wanted votes from the audience on his new look. Kelly wasn’t feeling the get-up and told him to take it off; some of Thatswhatsupnow readers believe he looks better without them. But you gotta admit he’s still one finnnnnnn white dude. “What you think?

Hawthorne Man Wins Ron Artest’s Ring!

Raymond Mikhael a laker fan from California was selected as the winner Artest’s 2010 Lakers championship ring. Mikhael was presented with the ring at a night club across the street from Staples Center at a reception hosted by Artest and actor and comedian George Lopez after the Lakers game.” I got the call this morning and was skeptical but realized after I spoke to Ron’s publicist Heidi Busch that it was real … I actually won his championship ring,” said Mikhael. “I was overjoyed, ecstatic, blessed and thankful. All I could think that this was just a great ‘life’ present on Christmas Day.” The raffle ran since October and raised more than $650,000 to be distributed to various mental health charities. Artest recently donated $50,000 to Pacific Clinics and said the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health tripled his donation by pledging an additional $150,000 to the clinic.

“What a sacrifice Artest made though, we’re sure the money will change a lot of people lives especially those with mental illness which is what matters. We think people like Ron should be commended and realize that it’s only materialistic referring to his championship ring. He’s still a NBA champion with or without a ring. Mr. Mikhael pic is the 3rd one on the left, Thatswhatsupnow.

OPRAH Spotted In Washington DC….”With Her Boo Stedman!!!

Oprah looks stunning alongside her long time friend Stedman, the couple was among some of the honoree in Washing D.C, several weeks ago for the 2010 Kennedy Center Honors. The Kennedy Center recognized individuals in the entertainment industry who have enriched the “cultural vibrancy of our nation and the world and Lady O has done all of that. Leave us a comment let us know what you think.



All we have to say is *Duh* on this one! Neither one was ready for a relationship! A few weeks ago, there was video featuring Matt leaving a club that some felt showed him trying to brush off what looked like a special kind of female friend when he spotted the camera. Could this be the cause of their breakup? Or maybe he didn’t have enough swag!

FELLOWS TASHA SMITH!!…”No Longer Available….” Recently Got Married!!

Tasha Smith got a Hugh Christmas gift another husband. The actress announced that she and her fiancé of six months, Keith Douglas, held a very small and private ceremony in the living room of their home in Los Angeles with only their pastor present as a witness. You might remember Smith from roles she starred in such as, “Why Did I Get Married Too?” her husband Douglas is an entrepreneur. Although the ceremony was small, the actress recently told the press that it was exactly the kind of wedding that she wanted. “We discussed having a small wedding with close family and friends, but instead, we decided to hold a very simple, intimate ceremony with just us and our pastor.

We prayed about it, and it just felt right for us. It was a beautiful, blessed moment that we will remember forever. This is the second marriage for Smith, who was formerly married to a youth counselor. However, the marriage did not last, as the couple decided to divorce in 2007.

Fellows How About Some Cake For Your Coffee???

Meet Rosa Acosta Dominican model who’s taking over the world.

Cluck Head POPPED…For Being Dumb & Real Stoooooopid!!

A woman from Florida gives us the new meaning to the term “internal medicine.” Law enforcement officials in Florida say they saw a bag of drugs fall from between Elizabeth Athenia Progris’s legs after she showered in a county jail. The 22-year-old, identified as a “dancer/housewife,” was drying off when a deputy reportedly saw a clear bag drop “from her genital area to the floor by her feet.” The bag contained pills which were later identified as Xanax. SMH…

MTV Controversy Continues!

MTV reality show has anti-abortion groups up in arms over the new episode of 16 and Pregnant’. TV did not make the show available to the media before it airs and has forbidden giving interviews about the subject. The 19-year-old Florida girl, who is upset of how she was portrayed in the one of the episode, now is preparing fans for the intense drama. “I get sad from time to time thinking about it said Markai but then everything happens for a reason,” she wrote. “God gave me 3 paths to take abortion, adoption, or raising this baby along with another. “I chose this path and I think about how stressing things would have been if I haven’t made the one I’ve made.” Markai has received intense criticism over her decision and not everyone thinks that MTV’s portrayal of girls being honest about their lives is a good thing. In recent months, MTV has promised to discuss.

“All sides” teen pregnancy issue but have failed to do so. Pro life blogger Jill Stanek says she expects a one-sided portrayal. Stanek also points out that the show was done in cooperation with Exhale, a support group for teens who have had Abortions. “Dang: folks at MTV really know how to keep the rating going. Question is it really all MTV fault? Do you think they’re guilty of “promoting these types of shows? Or is it the fault of the parents who signs these contracts for their kids to be on TV.


We have just learned from our source in Florida that a 3-month-old boy was in critical condition after being sexually molested. Indian River County Sheriff’s Office charged Jermaine Williams, 23, of Vero Beach, FLORIDA with capital sexual battery and Aggravated child abuse Thursday. He was being held without bail at the Indian River County Jail. Family members took the infant to Indian River Medical Center after discovering his injuries about 10 p.m. Wednesday, the affidavit states. The boy was in Williams care during the time of the attack. The innocent little boy was flown by helicopter to St. Mary’s Children Hospital in West Palm Beach. This was not Mr. Williams first offense in fact in 2006 he was charged with sexual battery on a child under the age of 12, according to source. However, he was not prosecuted for any of the charges. ‘They need to bury this creep under the jail sick bastard.

“Theo Huxtable’s Out At The Beach Playing Step Daddy!

Regina King spent Christmas in Cabo San Lucas with her Boo Malcolm Jamal Warner and 15-year-old son Ian. “Gotta Love them, “Great couple.


Thatswhatsupnow London Milani as well as others took to twitter last night in offense of the N word being use so frequently by people who seem not to be bothered by the disrespect that comes with using that word. Roland Martin who shared some good points on twitter and many others were equally offended by the lack of respect and ignorance some displayed in not acknowledging the fact that this is still not acceptable. The real dilemma with the N word, for many, is that black people say it, and say too often. Jay-Z, or other rappers, even radio personnel uses the word to rhyme with “trigger.” Is that OK? And if you’re a white fan of the rapper, can you sing along and say every word, or do you have to just hum along when you get to the “trigger” part? Does it depend on who’s around when you’re singing? When it comes to art or music, is there a different set of rules. We believe the N word should stay in textbooks, where it belongs. *No one and I mean NO one should have the “right” to say the N word. It’s an insult and a destructive history that should not be used as a social greeting. Black people fought so hard to get rid of that word so blacks and whites could be equal. If an African-American gets offended when white people call them the N word, then we should get EQUALLY offended when our own kind calls us that as well….