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Gabby really look smaller in some areas like her shoulders, arms, and neck she is going to be drop dead gorgeous when all that weight comes off…Just wait and see. Not everyone can be a size 4 or be a Runaway model so don’t knock her for trying.

“How Cute: “Family Thicke Patton-Baby Julian Spotted in NYC East Village!!

“How cute is this couple….2cute!!! Robin Thicke and wife Paula supposedly is not getting along but we;re happy to see them enjoying a great walk together. Actress Paula Patton from Jumpin the Broom was spotted in NYC with baby Julian Fuego Thicke in her arms while dad pushed stroller.

Hail 2 The New Prince and Princess Of England…” Kate& Williams…” May The Angels Protected You Always!!!

We made sure to get up exactly at 4:45am Eastern Time not to miss the Royal Wedding which was beyond Spectacular. Prince William looked adorable as he took the hand of his best friend and partner of eight years Kate Middleton. The young prince is so popular in England we’re told that he’s No. 2 in line for the throne but many British subjects hope that he, not his father Prince Charles who we really don’t care for, somehow becomes the next king, and closes the gap in that Country. In a way, William’s choice of a smart and classy no royal fancy marriage of love not his ranks, may have puts him more firmly in the common people conception of British family values of what royals are supposed to represent. We cried tears of Joy knowing that his mother the most beloved Dianne was somewhere weeping tears of joy in heaven seeing her beautiful William taking this Hugh step into Maturity. Brother and best friend Andrew who they call (Ginger) because of the color of his hair was the best man; he was fully dressed in his Military attire and was beyond handsome.

The Bride Kate looked stunning in an ordinary wedding gown Elizabeth Flock Alexander McQueen… design by Sarah Burton with veil covering her face, hair down and according to source Kate claim she wanted her husband to recognize her not all dolled up like past queens…how cute. People doomed her in England the commoner but for this day she because her mans Queen of a country that is still moaning the lost of Dianne her late mother-in-law. Last winter William asked his lovely bride who wore a not so tradition wedding gown Kate whose nicknamed is (“Her Shyness) to marry him on one knee next to a lake in rural Kenya on a wildlife survey vacation and she said Yes of course who wouldn’t. Thatswahtsupnow wishes the couple much blessing…” May you never leave each other side in time of turmoil…be bless my king and Queen be blessed.


“Which One of You Fools Heist…”All That Indian Remy Hair from Beauty Supply Store???

Chicago police is up in arms as to what happen to all those Indian $90,000 worth of “top of the line human hair was stolen from a beauty supply store Sunday morning. Thieves exactly what to steal and made off with the hair from Beauty One. According to the Chicago police a huge steel door had been pried open, with two deadbolt locks on it,” (These are some career criminal’s f-sho). Whoever broke in also damaged the door’s frame and bricks on the building around the rear door. Beauty One owner Jay Han’s security cameras caught the men on camera dragging out the merchandise. “Common now this is not a mystery to solve everybody knows that the cut has the best package hair selling out of trunks of cars down the block for $20 human hair so they should have no problem spotting them fools. “On the real though no disrespect to these beauty supply stores but after we purchasing two packs of virgin so call Remy- Indian hair for damn Near $250 it wasn’t worth a ‘Cows mess, dried up and itchy as hell.. “What the heck you guys making these hair out of… just sayin!!!

Source GRIO

Eye Candy…” Laz Alonso Your Number One Sausage Ladies!!!

Handsome Laz Alonso from Jumpin The Broom covers the latest issue of Rolling Out magazine. ladies you agree don’t you… that LAZ is defiantly a sex symbol ? “But when asked that question by Rolling out magazine his response was a bit vague and this is what he had t o say. “I don’t because I’m very silly and goofy to be a sex symbol, In my personal life they know I’m just Laz. I do work out a lot, and there are things I do for myself and my business. I gotta stay in shape for my profession, and I like the way my clothes fit, and I’m more energetic. But I just appreciate that people feel I’m attractive and support what I do and how I do it. Awwwww laz stud muffin you’re so amazing!!!

Some Afternoon Foolery Right Here: “Shaq &; Crazy A$zz Hoopz….”Working Out In The Yard!!

Flavor of Love Hoopz and her boyfriend Shaquille O’Neal spotted working out together during an upcoming segment on WCVB in Boston their reality show. ‘But wait wasn’t this show supposed to be about women’s health and self-defense? Shaq and Hoopz are now living together in Boston and he also will be her side kick …LOL!. ‘Peep the last photo of the two ladies in the background? “Probably saying to themselves..’What the freak …LOL!!!!


“Wow this video put together by baratunde no last name was so moving we had to tag it on our site. We are all in outrage at the way in which Donald Trump chooses to express his views, his feelings towards the President and for that matter all Americans in general. Our fore-fathers help build this country on the sweats of their backs in the cotton fields of slavery…”How dare Donald Trump to try to discredit the President of the United States and make a mockery of his birth Certificate and question his integrity. If you have been under a rock somewhere and don’t care about any of this well we say to you keep hiding. The message that Donald Trump has sent or his words of hatred brings sadness to our hearts but we are not surprise, Society has turns its back against the poor the hungry, children even seniors. Today’s Americans still believes that African-American wealthy or not… deserve no respect and would rather see us kill each other than uplift our generation. It is up to us as people black white and blue to let them know that we are no longer on their cotton fields the picking is over.

‘Well Damn: “Natalie Nun Catch Fade With Co-Star…..LMAO

Bad Girl Natalie lives for drama…”Didn’t we just see her tonguing down Lil Kim or pretending to? Next second she & co-star (yes you heard us) Amber who supposedly are doing a new reality show together gets into a fight. “Ok Boo what’s really up” Take a Peep… hilarious!!!

New Music: Jill Scott Feat Anthony Hamilton Take a Listen…” We Like!!

Grammy Award winner Jill Scott has a fourth studio album, “The Light of the Sun” which is set to release late June. Fans however got a live listen to the lead single, “So in Love” as well as “Shame” and “Rolling Hills” during her TV appearance. The upcoming album will be her first studio release since 2007.” Peep the album cover and track take a listen here. We will be saving our coins to purchase will you??? Thatswhatsupnow.

Most Beautiful Couple Spotted 100 Influence People Event LALA & Melo

“ Ok so Melo didn’t make the Playoffs and the Knicks lost against the Celtic, but Anthony and his wife Lala Vazquez is cutes couple ever… “Don’t hate. The Love birds were spotted at 100 Gala in NYC last night event which was held in honor of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People in The World which included our President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle, Oprah Winfrey and many more.

O.M.GEEEE RHOA Kim Zolciak & Boy Toy….” Kroy Biermann Called Off Wedding!!!!

Real housewife Kim Zolciak as you know is about to have a child soon with her new man Kroy however we have just learned that there might not be a wedding as indicated. According to our insider source her boy toy fiancé KROY BIERMANN has gotton his feet really cold and don’t think he’s ready after all! The Atlanta Falcons football player, 25, called off the wedding after getting a taste of his 32-year-old baby mama’s drama mood swings. According to our source Kroy said living with Kim and her kid’s chaotic lifestyle is not what he expected. After just months together he finally see how much Kim needs attention and realizes he’s in no rush to walk down the aisle. Our source went on to say Kim has a Hugh volatile temperament …” (No Way!! Not Kim).

One minute Kim is as sweet as grandma pudding, and the next she turns into a control nightmare our source revealed, “We can just imagine what Ms. Nene is sayin right now. On the real it’s always best to test- drive before marriage …just sayin!!!

Bey’ Let’s Move Video!!!….” Kids Happier Than 2 Snacks Cakes!!

Welch Middle Schol in Houston gets its first workout video by Bey!! “These kids are happier than two snack cakes put together… “Wwish our P.E classes were like this… we would be a fatty …right??? …

NYC Mayor Not feelin P-Diddy’s Recent Escort to Club 4 Sixty 6

New York Mayor Bloomberg is calling for an investigation stating that P- Diddy received police escort to New Jersey which he did not authorized. According to the allegations in question P-Diddy received police escort to a New Jersey club after the helicopter he had planned to use was grounded. Club 4 Sixty 6, where he was to be paid $75,000 had a concert and arrange for him to be there a specific time and he was running a bit late. Our source in NYC said he was in a rush to get there that’s why he needed escort, but according to the Mayor, a police escort is only arranged in the case of a security issue. Diddy was able to arrange the ride through his dry cleaner, John Mahdessian, who owns Madame Paulette, a high-end dry-cleaning service that caters to dignitaries; Mahdessian organized the police escort through his contacts.””After the concert there was a lot of people in the street, a lot of people double-parked, it was quite a scene. “So I asked if the police could clear the street for the safety of Diddy, and that’s what they did he say.

“Is this too over the top..” NYC investigation of Diddy ordering police escort especially being who he is a Hugh Celebrities? Or was his dry cleaner guy wrong for not getting the proper clearance. In any event he made it to the club and got his $75,000 Chedda LOL!!!!!!!

Source: Pix11News

Soulja Boy & Diamond Dating …OK SO!!! “Look Around “Is This Not A Recycle Industry????

Scrappy mama was pizzy mad when she found out that diamond was off dating another dude cheating on her son Lil Scrappy and call her everything but the word Diamond. Fake TA-TATS, fake booty & even worst….: “I Want to Put My Hand around That I*tch Throat” and choke the hell out of her. This drama all unfolded when Diamond showed up at an even a Dub Car Show with Soulja Boy when she supposedly was already in a relationship for years with Lil Scrappy. According our insider source and people in the industry Diamond broke it off with Scrappy; he just didn’t now about it until she put herself out there with Soulja Boy. Seriously we see no reason why these dudes are going in on each other, but the media is lovin it. For real though men do this type of I’sh all the time break it off and not let us know so it’s cool keep it movin.

Soulja Boy and Diamond have announced that yes they are in fact dating each other and the hip-hop community has had its share of feud. We really need to be focusing more on what’s really important instead of always fighting over what’s left over. Our message to Lil Scrappy… dude she’s gone let her be you’ve got to move on and not let this mess up your ego as man. As far as Soulja Boy dating Diamond not concerned especially since industry women are all recycled you just got sit back in the cut and see how long this so call relationship will last… keeping it 100.

Former Destiny Childs Group Member…” Popped for Disturbing The Peace!!!

Farrah Franklin who was part of the group “Destiny Childs for five long months was charged with disturbing the peace was taken into police custody. According to source and TMZ there was alcohol involved she was later released $100 bail. The ex-Destiny’s Child went on Twitter to say the arrest was racially motivated and is now threatening to sue, shortly after she was released she took to Twitter lashing out against the Culver City Police Department and this is what she had to say: “YES, I’m okay & YES there WILL be a lawsuit ! F*** da Culver City Police !!!! You can’t keep a good girl down. “Unfortunately, I am the latest victim on what seems to be a growing list of those who are racially profiled and mistreated by Culver City Police. I was manhandled by the arresting officers and I am really upset about all that has taken place. I have never had a run in with the law, I was not arrested, and I was detained.

” Farrah worked with the famous Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams but she did not work out so they release her from the group via (News Flash no warning)

“”You Don’t Say!!! Stud Muffin (Romero) Found His Cupcake “Chelas Staub from DWTS!!

The competition on dancing with the star is getting real tight and heated between stud muffin Romero and teacher Chelsea Staub. They have truly stepped there (A) game up from student-teacher to “I THINK I’M IN LOVEEEEEEE!!! “You have to be blind dumb and deft not to notice the chemistry between those two it’s more than just a dance partner routine. Recently we receive word that Romeo whose famous father is Master P upgraded his face book page to let everyone know that he’s’ in a relations with Chelsea and he isn’t concern about what anyone has to say. We saw him in Jumpin the Broom and he acted like a man then so he can handle himself.

Anyways keep voting he’s adorable…Hey!!! Love is love and if youngest can find love on DWTS why not …”Do you stud muffin…”do you!!


BET host Terrence Jenkins, was denied entry to the beautiful island of Jamaica after arriving at Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston Friday to celebrate his birthday. According to the immigration authorities, Mr. Jenkins’ travel documents had been reportedly tampered with. (Say what!!!) A Communications Manager at the Norman Manley International Airport said while Mr. Jenkins was at the immigration section, his passport was inspected and they found some discrepancy with his passport so he was turn back to the good old USA. Terrance after landing at the airport made sure to clear that mess up quickly on Twitter, you already know how Twitter folks can be if they like you fine if they don’t ..Be gone. This is what he had to say…”My passport is fine there was a page missing from it yes but no one tampered with it…. “Normal wear and tear when you fly a lot never had a problem b4 all this (sure).” Jamaica must have really buckled down in the past year or so because me and my cousin we flew out last year to Montego- Bay with friends and let me tell you her passport was soooo old… you needed a dustpan to collect the old pages tore and dropping out like a bad garbage. We got thru custom so why was he not allowed?

Not understanding why those fools didn’t recognize this was a celebrity they were messing with… “Pretty boy Terrance aka 106 & Park… Shame on you JAH- RASTA…

Bill Cosby claps back @ Trump on the Today Show…” What a Joke!!!

Did the Donald think Crosby was just going to sit back allow him to keep mouthing off especially regarding his ridiculous remarks made about the president? Crosby went in on the Today show about how he really felt concerning the Donald and his comment “run fool or shut up. “ Celebrity Apprentice show is a complete joke, we can see why he hired Nene and the other women of color. The show we’re told has been dropping since Cosby went in on Trump and also because of the statements he made regarding Obama. NBC the station that televised the Celebrity Apprentice has a tough decision to make regarding whether or not to pick the show up for another season. It is sad that even with money Trump can’t buy respects!!! In a statement we read, Trump said that he had never been a fan of Cosby’s, but had always gotten along well with him when he ran into the TV legend. Therefore, he said, he was “surprised to hear Cosby say ‘you run or shut up.’ Trump also implied that something was wrong with Cosby’s health–mental or otherwise, based on the way he acted, things are not looking too good for Cosby,” he wrote. Trump has a reputation in the business for being rude and ignorant and pushing his weight around.

“We “ESPECIALLY” don’t watch Celebrity Apprentice because that NeNe Leakes, real housewives of ATL/media whatever,’s still making black women look like big-mouthed, uneducated fools which we’re not!!! Just messy! What’s your take on the Donald and Crosby feud?” keep it clean no spam please??