Soulja Boy & Diamond Dating …OK SO!!! “Look Around “Is This Not A Recycle Industry????

Scrappy mama was pizzy mad when she found out that diamond was off dating another dude cheating on her son Lil Scrappy and call her everything but the word Diamond. Fake TA-TATS, fake booty & even worst….: “I Want to Put My Hand around That I*tch Throat” and choke the hell out of her. This drama all unfolded when Diamond showed up at an even a Dub Car Show with Soulja Boy when she supposedly was already in a relationship for years with Lil Scrappy. According our insider source and people in the industry Diamond broke it off with Scrappy; he just didn’t now about it until she put herself out there with Soulja Boy. Seriously we see no reason why these dudes are going in on each other, but the media is lovin it. For real though men do this type of I’sh all the time break it off and not let us know so it’s cool keep it movin.

Soulja Boy and Diamond have announced that yes they are in fact dating each other and the hip-hop community has had its share of feud. We really need to be focusing more on what’s really important instead of always fighting over what’s left over. Our message to Lil Scrappy… dude she’s gone let her be you’ve got to move on and not let this mess up your ego as man. As far as Soulja Boy dating Diamond not concerned especially since industry women are all recycled you just got sit back in the cut and see how long this so call relationship will last… keeping it 100.


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