Hail 2 The New Prince and Princess Of England…” Kate& Williams…” May The Angels Protected You Always!!!

We made sure to get up exactly at 4:45am Eastern Time not to miss the Royal Wedding which was beyond Spectacular. Prince William looked adorable as he took the hand of his best friend and partner of eight years Kate Middleton. The young prince is so popular in England we’re told that he’s No. 2 in line for the throne but many British subjects hope that he, not his father Prince Charles who we really don’t care for, somehow becomes the next king, and closes the gap in that Country. In a way, William’s choice of a smart and classy no royal fancy marriage of love not his ranks, may have puts him more firmly in the common people conception of British family values of what royals are supposed to represent. We cried tears of Joy knowing that his mother the most beloved Dianne was somewhere weeping tears of joy in heaven seeing her beautiful William taking this Hugh step into Maturity. Brother and best friend Andrew who they call (Ginger) because of the color of his hair was the best man; he was fully dressed in his Military attire and was beyond handsome.

The Bride Kate looked stunning in an ordinary wedding gown Elizabeth Flock Alexander McQueen… design by Sarah Burton with veil covering her face, hair down and according to source Kate claim she wanted her husband to recognize her not all dolled up like past queens…how cute. People doomed her in England the commoner but for this day she because her mans Queen of a country that is still moaning the lost of Dianne her late mother-in-law. Last winter William asked his lovely bride who wore a not so tradition wedding gown Kate whose nicknamed is (“Her Shyness) to marry him on one knee next to a lake in rural Kenya on a wildlife survey vacation and she said Yes of course who wouldn’t. Thatswahtsupnow wishes the couple much blessing…” May you never leave each other side in time of turmoil…be bless my king and Queen be blessed.



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