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GET OUUUUT!!…. ” JD (G-14)”White Chick Singing …”Look @ Me Now!!! ‘Sign This Chick!!

This is awesome: “Thanks to Tuluv’s Blog site for sharing.” She can really blow… JD what you think??? Leave us a comment let us know dumb it or pump it. We were told that JD did try to sign this singer however she may already have a label too bad. “Tuluv’s drop us a line here and let us know if she is already sign and with who.

GONE TOO EARLY???? LRG Founder Jonas Bevacqua…..”Dead @ 34…SMH!!!!

LRG founder Jonas Bevacqua independent clothing designer whose company was branded to the modern creation of Hip-Hop clothing was pronounced dead in his Los Angeles. Rapper such as TI, 9th Wonder and even Kanyne West were among the first to wear his clothing, the brand also had close ties with star athletes such as Memphis Grizzlies standout player Rudy Gay and New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush. According to several tweets on Twitter this morning from one of his closest friend, the designer had passed on, but others are pointing to drug use overdose which has not fully been confirmed. Bevacqua was just 34 years old, the finding of his death is being investigated once we find out any more details we will bring that to you… Jonas Bevacqua was a youthful designer that knew exactly what the Hip-hop generation wanted and molded that idea into his creation designs. Source went to say he was truly a workaholic and a huge source of inspiration to so many people, we are truly this Memorial Day weekend has been a trip we have lost so many good people we’re wonder if we will ever see our 30th birthday with all this bad Karma going around. Source went to say he was truly a workaholic and a huge source of inspiration to so many people, he was truly a gifted….”Rest with power dude…SMH!!!

Source-Los Angeles Daily News

We Pay Tribute 2: Super Model Big Girl-Glam… “Gorgeous Mia Amber Davis!!!

Mia was much more than a super model she led big girls into believing that they too can be whatever they want to.. by wearing good garments. Her love for all women helped pushed her to be an avid spoke person when the industry itself did not embrace big girls. Mia remained steadfast in her career and fought to bring awareness to larger size women and women of all races. Lifting up people and connecting them with others to help them on their journey to look their best Mia fight was not in vain. She was just 31 when she passed away May 11-2011 after being taken to the hospital suffering from a bout of dizziness, Mia wasn’t in the hospital a good thirty minutes, she later died of a blood clot to her head. Big or skinny women & men adored her vibrations attitude and her lovely curves, Mia was well-known for her work with store Ashley Stewart, face of Jill Scott’s Butterfly Bra and movies…” Road Trip….Rest with tear Mia. “Dont forget to check out Fashion Junkie for the latest fashion get-up. Leave a comment let us know what you thought of Mia Davis.


Baby Jesus…”When Will the Violence End??? “Mother Shot Dead Holding Her 2 Year Old!

A mother of four was fatally shot for no reason other than walking to the store in front of her youngest child collapsing on the street clutching her 2-year-old son’s hand yesterday (Memorial Day). Claudia Millan was just 28, she had taken a walk to the store up the street from her Bronx apartment at 11p.m”I never in my life pictured I would lose her like this,” said Millan’s devastated husband Juba breaking down in tears. “This was my second half. She showed me a better life.” He husband was visiting relative in Allentown, PA and rushed home after hearing that his wife had passed away. She was still clutching her two years son when she fell to the concrete; they had to pull the boy away from his bleeding mother as he screamed. The little boy was down on his knees trying to hold her,” as she bleed out of her head. Millan leaves behind an 11-year-old son, who is blind, an 8-year-old daughter, a 7-year-old son and the 2-year-old, Rivera said. The children had been told their mother had died and were inconsolable.

“They’re saying, ‘No she’s too young! She’s our mommy!’ “They’re confused, you can see the confusion in their faces. The oldest son burst out crying and hasn’t stop since.” No arrest have been made in this case and as usual no one saw anything …Rest with tear Claudia-Millan soooooo sad.

Source-NYC News

“Did Someone Loose A Sausage???””Bangladeshi Woman Slice Off Her Lover’s Sausage!!

A crazy derange woman cut off her neighbor’s penis when she claim he tried to forced his way into her home and attempted to rape her. According to her son who witness the fight he claims the neighbor was his mother lover, they had begun auguring all day then the argument got horribly violent. Begum, a married mother of three, said that Mozammel Haq Mazi her lover had been harassing her for months and when he allegedly forced his way into her house, she tried to fight him; she got so upset she accidentally cut his penis off and put it in a bag. Mazi (The boyfriend) was rushed to the hospital after a friend witness the fight, the interesting side to this drama is she place his private part in a paper bag and took it to the police station as evidence. Police issued an arrest warrant for the man Mazi but will not serve him until doctors sew on his useless part and his condition improved. Authorities however did take his side of the story which he denied even having an affair with Begum.

Here’s what he had to say: I have five kids she wanted me to leave my wife and I say no…” “I refused and told her that I cannot leave my wife and children, so she took revenge on me,” he said. Women abroad is not playing they are slicing without regret…She was getting smash now his “P” is useless the sausage is no longer a commodity….SMH!!!

Source- The BBC Report

OH NO-O-O-O!!! ”Please Tell Us This Is…” Not Pop- Star PINK!!

Photo of Pop-star Pink aka Alecia Moore reminded us so much of Aunt Lucy when she’s out back planting her tomatoes. Pink went from Glam to slam in just 9 months, but knowing Pink as we do three days after dropping her little bambino, she will be back up on that stripper pole getting her shape on. “Don’t be mad Girlfriend (Pink) just a little humor, we know you are with child but wish you hadn’t listen to your mom and wear that awful hat… LOL!!!

Sean Kingston: Out Of The Trauma Unit & Is Recovering!!

Sean Kingston who is originally from Jamaica was in Miami beach over the weekend for the Memorial Day celebration, but less than 24 hours landing in Miami and getting on a Jet Ski he had a collision and was hospitalize.Sean hit a wall in Palm Beach Island Bridge and luckily a passerby saw him and his GF in the water struggle in danger of drowning. He and his friend jumped in and saved the singer, Kingston was bleeding from his head according to witness. According to source the singer has been moved from the trauma unit to ICU, his publicist, Joseph Carozza, released this statement about the accident which took place on yesterday: His GF said as he pulled out of the docks she begged him to slow down but he would not and it was late at night when they crash into a brick wall. “Sean Kingston is now stabilized thanks everyone for their prayers and support during this time.” wishes Sean a speedy recovery.

Source-NYC Daily

UMMMM . . . Usually We Have an Opinion Not Sure What 2 Think!!…. “Kendall Jenner on Birth Control..!!!

According to source it’s now reported that 15-year-old Kendall Jenner who we might add is a stunning beauty is on birth control. Kendal famous sister is none other than Kim kardashian. This for us is an uncomfortable situation because these days you can’t tell a 15 year old from a 50-year-old …LOL!! but we hope likely the reality star pops the daily pill out of medical necessity, not promiscuity…we would hope in a perfect world right? Question should a 15-year-old girl start having sex? leave us a comment let us know what you think.

Source-NYC- Daily

RHOA Ain’t Sheeeett Said NeNe!!…”Newest Cast Marlo Hampton&BF Charles Grant !!

The Newest Atlanta Housewife Marlo Hampton will certainly bring the drama, the other women on the show better watch their backs and use their third eye when necessary(You Have Been Warned). Although both denied the allegations, Nene and Charles Grant- Chicago Bears ( cleaned up nicely for TV) were rumored to have had a fling a while back but he said heck… nahhhh. His publicity –Attorney was quick to send an email explaining that his client would appreciate if we would correct our site information and remove the picture of his client& Nene Leaks because they had never dated. We later took down the photo but after seeing his new chick Bravo’s newest drama queen Marlo, we can see why he or his publicist-attorney was so offended. What’s even more interesting, Hampton according to source use to be NeNe Leakes hair stylist so all those cute short style-extention or whateva she was wearing Marlo was responsibly for making Nene Glam. The kicker is Marlo image is far from squeaky clean, according to source in the” A”‘ the new cast member has had several prior arrest for assaulting numerous females, reportedly over a man. Looking at her mug shot on several sites she must have drop kick the mess outta those female, smiling like she won the lottery or won her man Charles Grant…. LOL!!

Sick however of the Atlanta’s housewife and there scripted drama! Nene is gone but we are sure to see more cats’ fights amongst those women, and more messier than notorious tallllllllllll- Nene Leaks LOL! let us know what you think about the new upcoming show.


SHOCKER!! Model Falls Out Of A Window @ W Midtown Hotel Atlanta… 2 Her Death!!

A model celebrating the festivity of the memorial day holiday on her 30 birthday at an Atlanta hotel, plunged to her death Saturday after she and a pal crashed through a 10th-floor window while “play wrestling,” authorities said. Lashawna Threatt’s lifeless body was found on a sunroom roof about five stories below the W Midtown Hotel room on Peachtree RD. According to source which we find very odd that both female crash thru the hotel window play wrestling..WTF!. Witnesses told cops the petite women were merely horsing around before they just simple crash out of the window about 3:15 a.m…Question was the window wide open? Or was alcohol involved. “According to a witnesses, who saw everything they claim there was no arguing during the hours leading up to this, either, so it’s really a tragic accident. Threatt, who appeared at liquor promotions and in print ads, leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter, the two BF had just gotten in the hotel and were having a good time she ended up dying and her friend who was identified as Ciara Williams was rushed to a local hospital in critical condition with several broken bones. SMH!!!! Rest with tear Lashawna!!! Leave us a comment tell us what you think.


Niece Nash- found & Marry Her Stud Muffin… “Jay Tucker !!!

The DWTS Nash’s and long time partner and friend Jay Tucker tied the knot on Saturday at a vineyard in Malibu in front of 200 guests. According to source the “The wedding was beautiful and of course it wouldn’t be as special without Niece Nash throwing in some humor,” She took to twitter Saturday and tweeted…”You look stunning, Mrs. Tucker!” Wonder if he and Christ Tucker are related hummmm O well…” You go girl… Congratulation to you both.

What Does It Mean 2 Go Public With Your Faith….”Make Him Famous??

Often more times than not we don’t recognize or practice what we preach! There is no evidence in our walk or interaction with individual in your homes, at work or even the three people you sit next to on Sundays to show that you are real. We are good for announcing how many times we go to church, but are we real in who we are, the church is seen by outsider’s people enduring poverty as having relevance, sheltered and secluded as to their existence. Hungry are they for real people to step up.. be who they say they are… that’s why they don’t come to church. If we start a conversation about Jesus to those starving for the word, it may turn on deft ear because to them the church is a JOKE, confused and they don’t have time for the nonsense they are looking for something REAL. A friend I’ve known for a minute in Brooklyn has been shot 3 times lived but never once set foot in a church, “Why because there is no example of real people who care in churches anymore unless it involve them. “ Ask yourself what would make a twelve-year-old little girl want to be a runner for the dope dealers? Even better a mother letting her 12-year-old daughter sell crack cocaine… it’s because they are desperately seeking something real.

We have gotten much too comfortable in our faith, nothing shakes or frightens us anymore, but we get upset over small things, like our cell phone bills but wont over our kids. How many times have you heard stories of people jumping thru windows on Wall Street, because the stock market flops? In church we holler and call on the name of Jesus but when we step foot outside after a motivated service there is nothing but a fairytale created with no direction, lost in helping someone in need. People think because you are down on your luck, homeless or just living on the streets that it’s due to your background or social reasoning, or maybe you drank yourself out of your home or use drugs, but that’s not the problem. The problem is sin. Images we portray that help us hide behind our difference makes those people in church believe they are better than us,” Can I tell you something! the only thing that separate us is sin that’s it, and if you have ever made a bad decision or choice in your life and die tomorrow, God is not going to let your bad choice change his perceptive of you, because we are all desperate for something REAL.. be blessed!!!

Words- London-Milani
Photo-Thanks 2 Noway Girl .com

Alicia Keys…Featured in W-Magazine Looking Extra Glam!!

Alicia Keys have taken so many unnecessary flacks for so call stealing her hubby Swizz Beatz, but man can’t be stolen unless he wants to leave. The beautiful Grammy award singer is featured in W Magazine June issued, Keys dishes on her character and growing up with that NYC Edge and so much more here’s what she had to say: I just wanted to be who I was, which was like so many other girls I knew. We grew up in the city, had a hard edge and obstacles to overcome, but we were still young and beautiful. I didn’t want to be all dressed up, all made up—I wanted to be myself, which hadn’t been done before.” “I was a young girl with very strong ideas but no experience. I just knew that everything else I was doing was wrong…..that all the suggestions weren’t what was in my mind, they weren’t what it was meant to be.” “How terrible would it have been if I had come out with some watered-down version of who I am? People fell in love

We love you here at, keep bringing the world good music… remember family first and all the other messy stuff, it is what it is.

Lil Muffin All Grown Up…”Check Out…” Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Beach Bodies!!

Justin Bieber took his little cupcake to the island of tropical Maui in Hawaii to celebrate Memorial Day’s celebration. Awww Young love so cute! The two were spotted sharing saliva and plenty of smooches. It’s too early to tell if Justin has even grown a beard, but after this beach get away he is bound to come home a full-grown man LOL!!

Source-NYC Gossip

Rihanna Spotted in NYC- Manhattan….” Near Club Green House!!

Rihanna spotted in NYC- Manhattan leaving her midtown hotel to head over to dance the night away at club Greenhouse. Club Greenhouse located at 150 Varick Street, famous for its electronic/techno music, if that’s what you like then that’s your spot. Girl-to-guy ratio of this club is wayyyy… too high & drinks would be great, if they weren’t so expensive. When we were there my Bf ordered a bottle of Moet Chandon, which is supposed to be around $400-$500 it ran her $750. She had deep pocket; I had train fare but drank up most of her liquor LOL!!! The famous songstress wore a cute black mini-dress, and nude platform pumps for the Memorial Day weekend kickoff. Leave us a comment let us know if you are feeling Rih get-Up.

Words- London-Milani

Boughetto….” Evelyn Lozada & Fiancé Chad…”May Be Getting Their Very Own Reality Show!!!

It s about to be father’s day next month and all the father that have not taken care of your kids in the past guess what no worries your“ GF …’She Got them. Evelyn and Chad Ochocinco have been in a heavy hot romance since hooking up on twitter plus they are also engaged. Picture perfect couple wouldn’t you say! but what’s missing is all those kids and baby mothers that Chad probably forgot to mention. BBWs reality star Evelyn is about to jump ship into her own reality tv-series, our insider source revealed to us that both couples are talking with production to create their very own reality segment call “Honey 4 Got To Tell You All Those Kids Are Mine”(Just kiddin). Source went on to say that the reality show would involve both couple and there kids (That ought to be an interesting conversation to say the least). Chad has four kids with three different baby mothers and Evelyn has a daughter who just graduated from high school. Good Luck guys we promise to tune in…leave a comment tell us what you think…

Source-South Beach Gossip

DANG!!!…. “All This Time…” Had No idea Urban-Outfitters Sold Fake Items!!

One of the most well know popular retail store Urban outfitter is now being accused of selling and distributing fake product one item in particular from a proprietary design: pendants in the shape of places of the world. News of the Fake pendant spread all across media network, everyone vowing not to shop at any stores in the Urban outfitter chain. It all started with this info we received: Stevie Koerner a designer who sells silver pendants on Etsy, a line she calls “A World of Love.” Which comes in the shapes of states with little heart-shaped cutouts, and in her sales copy, she tells customers, “Wear your love.” Her New York pendant is named “I heart New York. Urban Outfitters got greedy and copied the pendant selling it for a higher retailer price in their store. The Designer Koerner got wind of the store selling her [pendant and called them out on twitter, apparently the stores version of the pendant is fake.

Once Urban Outfitters about all the media involvement taking notice they quickly responded on Twitter and this is what they had to say: “Hey guys, we see your tweets regarding the I Heart Destination necklace. Please know that our accessories buying team is looking into this (a way of putting it on someone else and not take responsibility. If they can steal that pendant what else has this store sold to us the public that was fake…Think about this chick trying to make bank and here it is a big chain as Outfitters stealing- disgusting… SMH!! Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Celebrity Rehab Toughest Case…” Jeff Conway Dies…” Dr. Dew Saw This Coming!!

When we got word that Jeff Conway died we were not surprised, his violator episodes and chronic drug abuse on Celebrity apprentice only reminded us that it was only a matter of time before this would take place. According to f source Jeff Conway the famous actor died from a drug over dose but his friends say that was not so the case. The 60-year-old was a “notorious substance abuser, his fight with staff at celebrity rehab Dr Drew and sober house and guest was so intense at times we had to stop watching. Conway admitted to being addicted to cocaine, alcohol and painkillers in 2008 on the TV show. Dr. Drew often beg Jeff to stay in rehab but it was impossible with his off and on Vitol anger which was way too much for the staff to handle. His famous line I don’t just get drunk I get wasted… well Jeff no more you are finally at peace.

Conway suffered with major addiction for many years which seem to be a fighting battle for him trying to say clean… Rest with tears Mr. Conway, Leave a comment tell us what you think.

Source-E-Entertainment New