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Bow Wow Newly Release…LOVE STRUCK” (Check it out)!!

Bow Wow officially sign to cash money and has release new single Love Struck. His main chick is also in the video, her name is Melody Thornton, and you may remember her from the Pussy Cat Dolls?

Lupe Fiasco New single, “Out of My Head..”Check it out!!

Lupe Fiasco dropped a new single, “Out of My Head” let us know what you think?

Soulja Boy Love or Hate Him… “Dude Isn’t Going Anywhere… “Can All Partygoers Just Get Along??

People maybe making too much out of Soulja Boy party, last we heard the rapper made it clear that his party was open to everyone even truck loads of white chicks… LOL!! That doesn’t mean he didn’t invite blacks but with all the controversy he’s had on twitter, people are still referring to him as straight up garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!! Twitter is not very friendly either they love you or dissing you one or the other so word to the wise post and get the heck off. Soulja boy is still youngsta however he needs to be more aware of what he spits out and accountably in how he’s projecting his image in the public …just sayin…

In Today’s Dummy News… “To Catch a Predator Host …”Busted For Cheating With His Jump-Off!!

How stupid can you be to host a show call “To Catch a Predator” but shocked when your own wife pops up from behind a Curtin yelling “”Busted. Chris Hansen has been using hidden cameras and decoys to catch pedophiles and online predators in the act for many years and actually has been quite successful at it. Apparently Hansen has been carrying on a secret affair with a local TV reporter from Florida, and he was busted taking her to dinner at the Ritz-Carlton before returning to her apartment for the evening. Chris and his Jump-off Kristyn was so Horney after dinner they took it back to his room at The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach and got busy. His Jump-off runny mouth and boasting to pals about staying the night with him got him caught. According to our insider the entire thing was set up by the National” Enquire camera and all…”’ Oops…bet his past captures are rejoicing and throwing up deuces.

Source- National Enquirer

Bill Clinton Speaks & American…” Still Finds Him fascinating…”US Deficit Can It Ever Be Fixed???

Former President Bill Clinton when asked about America deficit had this to say: the U.S. lacks the long-term budgeting and planning needed to be as successful as possible on the global stage.“We’ve gotten ourselves in a position where we’re spending too much money said Clinton, “We’re borrowing too much, so that once the economy picks up, we’re creating tomorrow’s problem.”Clinton said the nation needs to find a better mix for the proportion of the U.S. gross domestic product that is represented by federal spending and taxes. “We can’t afford to spend 25 percent of GDP on government expenditures,” he said. “I don’t think we can afford to tax at only 15 percent of GDP, either, which is about where we are. The former president whom we might add is well liked even after leaving the white house, Bill Clinton called for a 10-year plan that would allow Americans to have a better sense of “what we think would be a competitive level of revenues and a competitive level of expenditures.” Clinton said it’s difficult because the President Barack Obama and congressional Republican leaders remain still at odds on how to reduce the deficit.

President Obama wants reduction in our debt by taxing the wealthy and oil company’s executives but wealthy people are not willing to give up a dime of anything or agree. According to our findings and some people we know in government, the US government workers salaries are close to 100,000 dollars a year, yet they continue to complain or walk around angry, some more than others are mean, and Cheap as the dollar store as hell, so there’s a suggestion on reducing deficit Mr. President… just sayin. “Can you believe American is currently $14.3 trillion in debt? What will happen to our kid’s future if congress doesn’t agree to up with a solid plan to reduce the deficit nor does anybody care?

Darker The Better- Sweeter The Juice… ‘Hold Up For Whom? ….’Check Out Dark Girls Documentary Trailer!!

We’ve never wished to be lighter but wished to be a bit richer or even stable in my finances. People or guys more so than women often make comments that we are not a bad-looking chick but when we’re out with our lighter best friend Jill she gets the doors open, the champagne, all we get is “You’re a cutie and can’t believe your hair is actually real, but I’m not into dark skin women. On the flip side white brothers adores dark skin females, it’s just us our own people who shun us as being too dark, not beautiful enough or having good hair which derives from slavery days. Society still has this stigma that lighter skin tones you are there is a define possibility you may get ahead faster than a dark skin person. Some men would rather hide and use darker females as sex objects, refuses to commit or marry them, but no matter how dark or light you are when you cut yourself, the blood is still the color red… just sayin.

OH BROTHER! “NO NFL-NBA …..”Don’t Leave Us With Nagging Wifey… “David-Stern Please !!

Men everywhere are getting pretty nervous and we understand why! Football is”Bromance thing without it they can’t survive. This has been a very strange lockout indeed and it became clear as the NBA’s collective bargaining talks broke off Thursday afternoon with a “No deal still on the table and no compromise. According to union director Billy Hunter after three hours of talks and breaking for lunch there were no deals on the table, we have been extremely cordial he went on to say: ‘ It’s almost like we were singing ‘Kumbaya. After the lengthy talk the owners decided to impose a lockout beginning at 12:01 a.m. ET Friday we were shocked just couldn’t believe that. We were all shaking hands and saying ‘We’ll see you in a couple of weeks, have a good Fourth of July weekend and now this. The problem, according to the union, is that the owners are overreaching on the financial side of the equation to such a degree that there is too wide of a gulf to find a bridge to a middle point.

Just think about this for a minuet if they don’t come to a middle ground all the goodwill the NBA has spent years developing is about to disappear like Player lebron James did in the fourth quarter of the championship series. If you are reading this and shaking your head, rest assured you have plenty of company. David Stern said he isn’t scared of the damage a lockout could cause… (Yeah we know, you’re rich Mr. Stern). We have to face the fact that if this drags on say into October or beyond, we might as well say goodbye to the short-lived new golden era of the NBA and NFL… leave us a comment and tell us what you think…


O.M.GEE… “WOW!!! So Cool…”Mike Jones Lost 100 lbs Eating Subway Sandwiches!!! (Peep Pic)!!!

We hadn’t heard or seen much of Mike Jones in a minute but looking at him now he’s definitely in our cute Muffin category. Rapper Mike Jones lost close to 100 pounds from just eating the proper foods and subway sandwiches. He went from 300 pounds to letting the weight fall off like sweat plus of course hitting the gym. Dang when we eat subway sandwiches we gain a pound, ‘What’s really going on with our metabolism LOL!!!!

If Rihanna and Chris Brown Got Back Together…” Would The Relationship Work This Time?

Awwwww fun memories of Chris Breezy and Rihanna spending time together but back then they seem like the perfect couple. Who would have thought they’d be broken up but things are never what the appeared to be right? Just say these two couples who seem to still be infatuated with each other especially on Twitter, got back together would that be so bad? Let us know what you think should Breezy and Rih get back together as a couple and do you think it would work out this time around.

More Shattered Glass-Windows Falling From W-Hotel… “Suggestions… Close All Locations Do Repairs…. (Peep Rare Frottage-Lashawna Threatt)!!!

Many of us who witness the tragic death or heard about Lashawna Threatt in the blogs or the news have come to the conclusion that the W-hotel windows are not a safe haven for customers. “Ask yourself how many times you have visited the W- hotel for a party or just to converse with friends and look out those windows thinking are these windows safe, if you’re like us never. “We have been to that very same hotel last year as guest, for a wedding but never once did we think anyone would seriously be injured or die from falling out of those windows. W -Hotels Resorts – Luxury Boutique hotels with stylish rooms, signature restaurants, bars and destination spas sounds delightful right? But that Luxury cost someone their life a beautiful soul. Atlanta Georgia location isn’t the only trouble spot for fallen windows it has been reported that the Austin Texas location has experience not once but three times windows fallen out in just two weeks. Shattering to the ground injuring passerby unaware and recently in fact we got word that several windows from the W-Hotel there in Austin Texas a brand new hotel, just recently opened its doors to happy customers, now have faulty windows. The W-Hotel Texas came under fire when the death of Lashawna Threatt hit the airways and no one could ever imagine two small petite women, falling thru a close window one to her death the other hospitalized.

The W-Hotel in Austin Texas has temporary shut down after glass shattered from a 37-story building injuring a few people below to do repairs. Our Question to the W-hotel chain is “When will your Atlanta GA location do the same? When will you guys close the doors in the ATL to correct a problem that may have been going on for a minute but surface when these two ladies cases became public? Money does not bring back a person, it may make you life a little better financially and materialistically but it cannot replace the pain or loss of an individual. Even if the Thrett family received 200 million dollars in settlement it still will not compare to their lost. The W- Hotel uses the word-“Devastated a lot but how devastated are they? ‘We have not heard of them d echoing the closing down the Atlanta location to do repairs. We can’t speak for the Thrett family but they are seeking closure and justice we’re sure, but what the public is asking for his answers. Ciara Williams continues to fights for her recovery from the fall and she may never be the same again in terms facing the fact that her BFF is gone. Clearly this is a serious problem that we feel the W-hotel need to take major precaution & prevention to make sure further mishaps at the building doesn’t happen again. Leave a comment and tell us if you think the W-hotel in Atlanta GA need to close its doors for repairs.
Words –London-Milani

SOOOO Sad!! Robert Horry’s …Daughter Ashlyn Passes On… “Into the Arms of Baby Jesus!!

Ashlyn Horry, the 17-year-old daughter of former NBA player Robert Horry, died today from “severe respiratory issues and a host of other complications requiring a six month stay in Texas Children’s Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. According to source during the 2002 NBA playoffs her dad Robert and Keva Horry spent time with Ashlyn during physical therapy in hopes that she could eventually speak, walk and eat but she never did. Everybody who knows her loved Ashlyn like she’s their child. Robert Horry thanks his fans and the media and told them that …”When people come over, they’re like, ‘Where’s my baby? Where’s Ashlyn?’ They get on the floor with her and hug and kiss on her as much as she can stand.” It it so sad when someone passes but t o bury their own child is unexplainable grief. Children who are prone to illness is so challenges, there’s always a constant battle pray that someone God keeps them alive.” sends our condolences but we already know that Gods arms have embrace this little angel…Rest with tear drop Ashlyn Horry.

Another Dumb Politician…” Caught Sextexting…”.Joe Stagni Kenner.

Are we surprise of these sexually explicit text messages even pictures coming to light not really we just got past little Weiner so what’s new…”NADA” Councilman Joe Stagni Kenner another stupid politician from Louisiana sending picture of himself in his underwear to a city employee who he alleges he had an inappropriate” relationship. Stagni peers claim they won’t stand in ridicule of their colleague’s future and wont past judgment at least not yet. “I’m never going to cast stones on anyone,” Councilwoman Jeannie Black said. “I’m not going to be a judge or jury.” But his family what about them? Stagni, 47, released a prepared statement after city officials retrieved the underwear image from a government computer and gave the information to the media Monday, in response to public records requests. “I had an inappropriate but consensual relation with an adult female who care we are consensual adults and we exchanged improper electronic texted which ended (in) 2009,” Stagni said. 18 months ago this went on said Stagni who would not identify the woman or say whether she is a city employee. However, public records show Stagni’s personal Smartphone (dummy) was used to send several text messages and explicit picture to Annamaria Pizzolato, who was Kenner’s internal auditor, on Dec. 23, 2009. The message carried the subject line: “I’m n trouble – serious conversation wife.” Dummies in politic forreal….

Basketball Wives: LA’ Say What?? Gilbert Arenas ….” Not Happy Ex On Show!!!

We have all witness the nasty fights and paper serving with Gilbert Arenas ex-baby mama jump-off but they just won’t disappear and are back in our faces again with more drama. Gilbert who plays for Orlando Magic has asked a judge to pull the plug on VH1’s “Basketball Wives: LA” before it even airs because the show stars Laura Govan, the mother of his four children. In his lawsuit, Arenas charged that “the very presence of his baby mother Govan and the title of the show is an obvious reference to all men including him. We doubt that she would even mention dude name forreal, Not only does Arenas not want the show to air, he also wants money from Govan. Arenas isn’t the only Magic player with an ex on “Basketball Wives.” The mother of Dwight Howard’s son, Royce Reed, a former Magic and Miami Heat dancer, stars on the Florida version, which is currently in its third season. Howard has successfully blocked Reed from mentioning him or their child on-air.

Basketball Wives: LA” is set to air August 29 and will also star Kimsha Artest (wife of the Lakers’ Ron Artest), Govan’s Sister Gloria Govan (fiancée of the Lakers’ Matt Barnes) and Jackie Christie (wife of former Clippers player Doug Christi. The Govan sisters are some messy bunch of good for nothings, you remember the fight they had with Shaunie O’Neal and how Gloria try to step to her about family-sister who was sleep with Shaq. Her sister above now has four kiddies no man, pregnant again and Gilbert wants nothing to do with her non-factor behind. Leave us comments tell us what you think about this new reality show BBW’s LA and the drama with the Govan sisters.

Source-PIX 11-news

Linda Hogan Afraid Of Hulk Hogan…. “OH NO-WAYYY…!!!

Messy divorces are never easy and for celebrity it is much more complicated we’re sure. got word that Linda Hogan has decided to speak out on her so call abuse from Hulk Hogan who she claim would have killed her if she told someone. Linda went on to say she did not want to ruin her husband career but in her new memoir, “Wrestling the Hulk: My Life against the Ropes,” Linda dishes on her fear for her life many of times during her relationship to the wrestler. “He tore my shirt, threw lamps, held me down on the bed with his hands around my throat during arguments, slamming doors, pounding walls and I was always afraid he would kill me in one of his rages.”It seem strange to us that after all this time the “Hogan Knows Best” star kept quiet until now, coming forward to tell us that she has been abuse.

I was afraid to say anything, had I said something, the carpet would have been pulled up from underneath his career and I don’t know what my kids would have done said Linda Hogan. We really want to believe Linda especially since we were abuse and yes you get very afraid but the interaction she had on the show with her hubby Hulk does not seem like a person fearing for her life and was nothing like what we underwent with our own abuse. We also understand that everyone act and respond to abuse differently but Linda had so many opportunities one people like you and I never have , if she was undergoing that much abuse from Hulk Hogan why did she not speak out even after leaving and moving in with her younger man above nearly 30 years her senior.“Leave us a comment let us know what you think, is Linda telling us everything there is always three-sided to a story hers, Hulk Hogan and the truth but why now?


Check Out Real Basketball Wives… “Not Fake Reality …They Got The Ring!!!!

We found some real relevant basketball wives whose been with their men for a minute and thought why not share them with our readers. These women got the ring, trophy and the man so move over “BBW’s reality” non-factor ladies; let these ladies show you how it’s done. Dayummmmmn we thought I had a chance at least with taller muffin, refuse to say his name but we see he’s married as well. ‘Peep the grin on Mark Cuban & Wife’s face …”Money, Money and more money…’don’t they look happier than a wet seal…Thatswhatsupnow.

Cute Muffin Diggy Simmon’s…. All Wired Up For His….” New Single Copy Paste!!

Diggy Simmons has certainly come into his own with a new single soon to be release, he’s now ready to begin filming the video for his debut single “Copy, Paste” from his first album on Atlantic Records. Simmons did a few scenes covered in wires and bandages to try and clone his gene and also dishes on what the concept of his new single copy paste represent. “‘Copy, Paste’ is about just giving an anthem to original people, innovators, people who feel like their style’s been copy said Diggy to Ladies he’s definitely a cute young muffin right?

Muslim woman Fired… “How Dare You tell Me 2 Take off My Headscarf!!

A young Muslim woman is accusing Abercrombie & Fitch of firing her for wearing her headscarf on the job, Hani Khan 20, said that managers at the store in San Mateo, Cal initially said she could wear a head covering, or hijab, when they hired her to work in the stockroom in October 2009. They have since changed and told her that the only condition they mentions was that the scarf matched company colors – navy blue, gray or white, Khan said. In February 2010, after a district manager visited the store, a human resources manager told her not to wear the scarf, she said because it did not match with their decor. When she refused to remove it, she was suspended and then fired. She is now suing and the case according to the college student is principles, the right to be able to express your religion because we are in American aren’t we the land of the free. Leave us a comment and tell us what you think if everyone is so free in this country why is the Mexican leaving…Just saying.

Source-CBS Los Angeles

You’re My Friend ….”Why would You Let Me Go Outside…?” Without Make-Up???

Real Housewives of New York City’ star Bethany Frankel and author points out a blemish. “OK Bethany the entire world now knows you have this pimple thanks.