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Did you know There Is A Lingerie Basketball League?…” No…”Check Out –Pic & Video!!

Woman playing basketball in lingerie Wow! That will be something getting use to, especially since we love sweaty men…LOL!! The Lingerie Basketball League is a newly formed Californian league of Girlish –girls who meet weekly to practice and play the game of basketball. We are wondering how they will play with fake nails on…just sayin, Let us know what you think and does their outfits seem a bit Porn to you?

Source-OnDaSpot Live


How Proud of NFL- Brandon Marshall Are We? Spoke Out On… “Borderline Personality Disorder- Who Knew!!!

So many people go thru this and never ever get help so we really commend this dude for seeking help and talking about its effect on someone daily lifestyle. People with borderline personality disorder often feel misunderstood, alone, empty and hopeless. They’re typically full of self-hate and self-loathing group. They may be fully aware that their behavior is destructive, but feel unable to change it; they have poor impulse control that may lead to problems with gambling, driving or even getting arrested. They have issues with their lives which are affected, including social relationships, work or school. NFL-Marshall has been involved in damaging and self-damaging behavior going back to his days at the University of Central Florida, his career with the Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, on April 23 an incident happen in which his wife, Michi Nogami-Marshall, was charged with aggravated battery for stabbing him in the abdomen, charges were dropped on last Friday Marshall underwent three months of psychological and neurological exams at Boston’s McLean Hospital (where Harvard medical students go to train), inspired to seek help from a conversation with teammate Ricky Williams who had sought treatment for unrelated issues there as well. “Before this ordeal I kept asking God to show me my purpose. He gave me this,” Marshall told Kelly.

I’ll be the face of BPD…. I’ll make myself vulnerable if it saves someone’s life because I know what I went through this summer helped save mine.” Marshall credited his wife with trying to understand and love him, talked about the relatively high rate of BPD cases that end in suicide (about 10 percent, he said), and said that 35 percent of the male prison population has been diagnosed with BPD, and 25 percent of the female prison population. He said that if not for treatment “I would have thrown away my career, and there was a good possibility, my life. I’m still suffering but another reason I’m so passionate about it is that I may lose my wife and that thought really hurts me.” I have a dream home, two nice cars, three beautiful dogs, but I haven’t enjoyed one part of it. And it was hard to understand why. Always proud when people can be so open now Thatswhatsupnow, Leave us a comment and tell us what you think is BPD misunderstood amongst people of all races or just color?


OMG! TOOOO Cute!” Keyshia Cole…..” Baby On Stage…”Tear Drops!!

Keyshia spotted with hubby Gibson of the Cleveland Cavaliers and their son, Daniel Jr. Cole looks very happy but not sure if her head tattoo is real or fake. Personally not feeling it…” Help us out people are you feelin Keyshia Head shaved-Tat??? “Where the heck is Nefee &frankie…” Anybody seem them down in the ATL? if so tell them we send our regards….

DUMB & DUMBER PARENTS: “Leave 10 Kiddies…..” In Hot-SUV-Park Near Bar….”Went Drinking!!!!

Three drinking buddies got together and thought why not leave the kids in the car… They’ll be fine and let’s go happy drinking. Three people in Missouri were charged with child endangerment after they left 10 kids (Yes 10) Kids in a hot SUV for hours while they grabbed a drink. Mackisha Johnson, 25 and Christopher M. Jones, 38 plus another woman were all charged and arrested after the kids – ranging in age from 7 months to 11 years old were spotted in the parking lot running up a down making all sort of noise, while the adults grabbed a not-so-quick cocktail. They barely had the last sip and police barged in and told the m…”Step away from the Glass the heat index at the time was 101 degrees outside. A surveillance video shows Jones going to check on the children, waving his hands and going back inside to the bar to continue his buzz according to source. Six of the children were Mackisha Johnson’s and four were Shacona Johnson’s. Mackisha Johnson and Jones were being held on $2500 bond.

Shacona Johnson, who has an outstanding warrant on a misdemeanor charge, was not at the scene when police arrived even though her children were still in the SUV but was later picked up according to source.


Whose Shitty Draws Are These????… “You Need 2 Go Back Inside 4 Someone See’s US…”YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!

Russell Bran the in your face British comedian was spotted half-naked on the balcony of his Sydney hotel today, where a female companion joined him in shitty breath of foul air…LOL!! We prefer Boxer sorry Russell….LOL!!!!

‘Wow! Hollyweird Sport- Look Alike 4- Real!”…..” They Could Be Twins Right???? (Peep- Pica)

We love old movies especially if it has actor Spencer Tracy in them! If you has never seen a Spencer Tracy flick you have really missed out, our favorite:“It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. His look alike is Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon’s.

Actor Eugene Byrd remember him in movies like Dead Man, Sleepers and Slim Shady’s ‘8 Mile well he really favors the Eagles have signed All-Pro cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha don’t you agree?

Please tell us you know who former Major League Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens is? ‘Does this jarred your memory: “I never ever took Steroid”. Well he and Chaz Bono who was Sunny Cher baby girl turn man. “Our apology Chaz but real talk he does favor you.

Russell Simmons Loves His Cookie Cutters…”Spotted Tonguing Down Melissa George… (Check it out)!!!!!

Actress Melissa George who stars 30 Days of Night and the chick who left her hubby to be with Russell was spotted tonguing down Simmons who likes his women reallllllllllllllll young. The couple was spotted at the all-star Manchester United game in New Jersey, Gorge has been seen out the past couple of months with 53-year old Simmons who goes thru women like our washing machine, you just never know who he’s dating from the next. Simmons is worth an estimated $340 million and became a millionaire by founding the hip-hop label Def Jam so we can see why women are so infatuated by the king of Hip-hop.

Source Herald-Sun

Rappers Who Fake Retirement! “Waka-Flocka-Flame Spotted In Studio….” With Gucci Mane!!!!

We all heard Waka flaka retirement speech and him going in on the industry as being fake, but recently he was spotted with Gucci mane in the studio laying a track. People are now saying maybe he should have stayed retired and that he needs to take his mom and his boy Gucci with him back into retirement. “We just print the news… we couldn’t make this up if we tried. Guess the industry & music isn’t all that wack after all and deep pockets keep you feed right Waka? Just sayin……

WELL . . . HELLO!!! Ms Aretha Franklin…” We’d Been Missing You!…”Looking Good MA!!!

Aretha Franklin looks fabulously with all that weight she lost and was spotted recently at NBC studios in New York. According to source she is still experience some health issues but would not elaborate or go into more detail. Aretha Franklin we here at wishes you the very best that life has to offer, we hope you get back to giving us your Sultry Voice with that world-wide International Appeal we’re missing that Ms Franklin.

Source- Enquirer

Kelly Rowland Sexy Photo Shoot- Here I Am’ Photo-shoot “ (Peep Video)!!

Beyonce better watch out Kelly has come into her season and may just take that crown right off her head. The buzz in the industry is everyone wants her on their album, Kelly is hotter than the Miami-heat right now LOL!! But has anybody seen or heard from Mitchell?

Do You See Anything…”Unusual About These Photo’s?”Nahhh!!!…Just Look Again!!!

Where the heck is you azz lady?….” Backless forreal!!

Times are hard we get that, but a Newport box? Fail ten times over and missy shave under those hairy arms of you’re…” YIKESSSSSSSSSSS!!

New Music: Thinking About Forever….”Bridget Kelly-Jay-Z -New Artist!!!

Bridget is a newcomer to the industry but you can tell she has been singing her way to stardom. She’s also the chick that performed one of Alicia Keys’ verses @ “Empire State of Mind loving this single if you are too, Let us know what you think…”Thatswhatsupnow.

Economy failing…’Who’s Got 19 Mil to Give Away 2 a Punter?…” Give Up?…. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Read On)

Former Atlanta Falcon punter Michael Koenen just got lucky; he signed a six-year-19 million deal to play for Tampa Bay as a free agent contract deal. Once again money wasted: We don’t want to be rude but common people,” Michael Koenen! I’m sure he may be valuable in the battle for field position, and I’m sure he’s an adorable soul but $19.5Mil are you serious? We get that the NFL is a private entity and they will make all that back in ticket sales plus the big time owners can pay whatever they want to whomever! We just can’t understand putting out all that money for a punter…Just sayin!!!! Wonder what a punter does in football: kicks the football by dropping it from the hands and contacting it with the foot before it hits the ground …

This is What Happens When You Vote-4 These Fools!…. “Social Security Reform Is Coming…SMH!!!

As our dysfunctional Congress dance around trying to balance the budget (Yes I said Our) $4 trillion Grand Plan that which would include Social Security and Medicare reform it seem everyone will lose out. People dreamt of one day retiring on social security but these crooks in Washington have squander all these poor elderly money away and now the older generation and baby boomers have nothing to look forward to but a hot meal, no light, no medical benefits and especially NO Social Security. When social security was first created in 1935, the earliest retirement age was believed to be 65, a year older than the average life expectancy but today, with the average life expectancy at 79 and people living longer, beneficiaries can begin collecting at 62 and might well live for decades into retirement before seeing a dime. Meanwhile, the base of support from workers paying into the system has shrunk dramatically, in 1950 alone there were 16 active workers paying for every retiree but today that ratio is three to one. According to the National Committee on Fiscal Responsibilities, there are so many proposals on the table in Washington on how to resolve and save Social Security benefit, however none of them seem to be approved, look at or satisfy both parties of congress. Another proposal would increase benefits for low-wage workers by creating a new minimum benefit” equal to 125 percent of the poverty rate, phased in by 2017 and indexed to wages after that, the minimum would be phased down for workers with less than 30 years and more than 10 years of employment will it work not sure but it’s worth looking into.

We are so upset with all that is going on in Washington DC and with all those representative we the voters put in place to make our lives and kids lives meaningful, that we can’t even share our ideas intelligently. American use to be the greatest country in the world—we thought. Now it doesn’t stand for the piss on the sidewalk just sayin….. “what the heck do we have to look forward to..’NOTHING..SMH!!!

Nicki Minaj 2nd-Altercation’ with Boyfriend…”What’s Goin on Now MA??

According to Media-take out Nicki Minaj and her body-guard turn boyfriend got into another altercation and everyone had to leave the studio so that they could finish their shouting match. Source went on to say her BF Samuel Safaree wasn’t feeling her sexy outfit and revealing Brest portrayed in her photo shoot and ask that she cover up. Nicki refuses and that’s when the heated argument started, they were able to resolve their differences and this time no cops were call to the scene. ‘Didn’t Nicki tweeted this below in fight number one that’s she wasn’t about to let no man eat her down: leave a comment and tell us what you think.

“The fact that u believe a man either slapped or punched me in the face & didn’t leave on a stretcher w/his balls hangin off? #getaF%cknLife,” tweeted Nicki.

Check Out Rise Above Trailer….”Shot in NYC!!

Very Edgy film The video, directed by Aaron Platt was shot in New York City.

Belichick New Bad Boy: “Chad- Ochocinco… New England Newest-Patriot!!

Chad- Ochocinco is now a member of the New England Patriot which is an interesting move for Chad and for the Patriot. Ochocino was scheduled to make $6.35 million for the Bengals this year but the Patriots wanted him to restructure his contract to fit their cap. His skill and character will help the team grow, Chad will be different in the offence but he should be fine. The 10-year veteran caught 67 passes for 831 yards and four touchdowns last season. That was a drop-off from 2009, the last of his six Pro Bowl years, when Ochocinco had 72 receptions for 1,047 yards and nine TDs. Belichick who has had some bad seeds and have his own troubles said he and Chad-O have a lot of things in common, “I like Chad- I like him as a player, and I like him as a person. I like his enthusiasm and the fun he has in football, and how he competes on the football field.” Everything is looking up for Chad even though he’s dating Evelyn from BBW’s……”Yeaaaay that one!


AGE AINT NOTHIN BUT A NUMBER: Meet Grand-ma-Susie Sanchez… Oakland Raiders- New Cheerleader!!

Didn’t know the Oakland Raiders were hiring we would have tried out; the Raiders have hired Sanchez for their 2011-2012 season. Susie is 37(Don’t Judge we question that as well), a mother of three and grandmother of one, and after multiple auditions and sitting on the sideline, she finally got the call….”You go Ms Susie.