The University of Miami Football…”Not The Only One In Spotlight…”What About Auburn State???

We shared with you about the drama with the University of Miami and the Booster who claims he offers several players fringe benefits, but that is not the only state under watch mode. Let’s talk about Auburn state for a minute and The No. 1 pick in the NFL draft, Cam Newton who found himself surrounded by controversy in 2010 after he suddenly transferred to Auburn- Mississippi-State. Well according to big papa Newton’s Cecil Newton his dad he has always maintains that is son transfer was on the up and up but demanded MSU pay for his son’s play. The NCAA is still investigating whether Auburn, which claims it did not pay Newton or his family to play football, gave money to both Cecil Newton his daddy, his church as a cover up. “Get this that very expensive suit that you saw Cam Newton wearing to his Heisman ceremony; it was given to him at a discount by whom? Go figure. The NCAA is looking into all leads even a third-party believes to have delivered money to the Newton’s undercover.

Money talks and there‘s a lot of snitches just waiting on the opportunity to drop a dime, personally we won’t be shocked we have always though the Newton’s was hiding something. Not to take anything away from dude his talents is awesome on the field but if everybody has dirty hands what will happen to other real players who hardly get a chance to showcase their talents? Programs are now beyond and some is arguing … “Who cares if student athletes or their family accept booster money? We would love to hear from you guys so go ahead and leave us a comment, tell us what you think…



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