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Likeable former President Clinton…”Turns the Big 65″.. Plus-Charitable Starkey Hearing Foundation Event!!

Lady Gaga, Bono and The Edge, Usher, and other stars will gather this October to honor President Clinton’s charitable work, and 65th birthday. The setting for the concert will take place at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday, October 15, 2011. Clinton’s birthday was August 19 but he’s still celebrating like black man should …LOL! Clinton can get this anytime he wants forreal no joke…

New Music: Mario Ft. Fabolous – The Walls (Check it out )!!

R&B singer Mario has been off the scene for a minute but he’s back with his new single “The Walls. The singer team up with Bk rapper Fabolous. Check out the song below and tell us if it’s a hit or not….” Nice”

AIN’T ME” Erick Sermon….” Ft: Rick Ross……..”LOVE IT” ….(Peep-Video)!!

Hold up! “Where the heck was Ricky Rozy Rick Ross? He didn’t even show up for the video…

Jamal Parris Is Goin-2 Milk the Cow (Eddie-Long)…”Until Titties- Dry up…”New Tell-All Book in the Works!!!

Jamal Parris, 24 who was paid to shut his trap is now speaking out about his plans to write A Tell all book. Neither Parris nor fellow accuser Spencer LeGrande, now 23, expected an admission of wrongdoing or an apology. “I knew who he was,” LeGrande said. “I knew what was coming.” Jamal went on to say Bishop long offer now apology as he sat across the four men in negotiations and settlement. “He had 5 rocks and hadn’t thrown one yet said Jamal and when I saw that man after the settlement address the congregation I was like….’How dare You. Parris said he was raised without a strong male influence. “My dad was abusive,” he said. “My dad would flake out … that’s all a predator needs.

Long was the father figure the youths of the church craved? He called them his armor-bearers and rewarded their loyalty with exotic trips, expensive gifts and, more importantly, a role model. The two young men said in an interview in Miami last week, Long often compared his youngas to David, and Goliath after hearing that come out of his mouth, I got quiet,” Parris said. “I started crying. I couldn’t even stop crying because I was angry. The way he walked up to the stage. The way I saw people stand up and applaud this man. I thought how dare you.” Jamal said he has decided to put in all in a book every detail…does he have more secret …”You bet” said Jamal you aint seen nothing yet. Both men are now enjoying the fruit of their labor, living in Miami on the proceeds of the settlement. Bishop Eddie Long has since denied allegations. We could go on and on about this case but if money and greed dont bring you show and the book will go for it Mr Paris thatswhatsupnow forreal.

Source: Fox5-Atlanta

“Whatz with the NBA Lockout? China & Kobe Negotiating….”Some Say Players Living Paycheck 2 Paycheck!….”Who? Common Lemme SEE!

Chinese officials want to derail the prospect of rent-a-players for the lockout. That would leave a far smaller pool of NBA free agents available to sign, and those players will have to commit to playing a full season in the Far East ( if China agrees) and If the lockout ever ends which it will. The players opted to go overseas will not be allowed to return to the NBA until the Chinese season ends in mid-March according to China, that’s part of the agreement playing over in that country. Kobe is the biggest star right now in negotiations with China, but he isn’t alone, San Antonio spurs point guard Tony (cheat on your wife) Parker has also been engaged in serious talks with china. The NBA loves that China and even Europe are pushing hard for Kobe Bryant and the NBA’s biggest stars to make the lockout leap overseas, there isn’t much the players can do to create leverage in this lockout, and after that meeting later this week in China, there could be even less. If China decides to lays down legislation that could force strict stipulation that would be crippling signing of NBA stars. The fans and the player will now something at least by Nov-December or whether they will have jobs or not, because that’s when the checks stop coming. We know a few good men able and willing to step in and play, so just let us know NBA. These men are true street warriors who can bring it for a fee of 100,000 a year and some Gatorade sponsorship. ‘What you say Mr. David Stern sounds like a plan?

Leave us your comment and tell us what you think of this NBA Lockout. “Football is fine but we’ve gotta have our basketball, ladies love to see sweaty men run up and down the court winning…..LOL!!

“Earthquake Shook NYC… “But -AHAAAAA!!!! Moments Later ….”We were Fine!! ..”Wake Up Call !!

We felt the TV shook then fell and at first we figure it might have been, our dad trying to come back from the dead and slap the I ‘hit outta us after 8 years …LOL. As funny as that seem it was a real Earthquake that passed thru NYC. For many people this was a stressful afternoon, but there was no major harm thank god. The n we found out later that a magnitude 5.8 earthquake rattled the East Coast causing panic and confusion from North Carolina to as far north as New Hampshire, the US Geological Survey and DC. The Pentagon and Capitol Building in Washington, DC, had to be evacuated at 1:51 p.m. People were running like it was another 9/11 it was scary just to watch. He quake zone is within 100 miles of two nuclear power plants. The reactors were automatically taken off-line by safety systems and no damage was reported at either location. Washington’s Union Station was evacuated and damaged as a result of the quake, cracks opened up and chunks of plaster fell from the ceiling. DC police told a Fox News producer that there is concern that the Washington Monument may have also been slightly damage. We don’t know about you but there have been too many sign and no one is paying attention…” It is a “Wakeup call.

Source-London Milani

“Nick Ashford Dead @ Age 70! ….” Another Angel Gone!!… “R.I.P” With Power Dude!

We always hear so much good things about Ashford and Simpson but never experience seeing them in this life time so for us this is truly sad news to report. After being hospitalized Nick Ashford has succumb to death on Monday night, he and his wife who has been by his side for over 50 something years made hits like.”Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” “You’re All I Need to Get By” and “Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand. send our condolences to the family, trust and believe that he’s OK now, you can dry those tears. “R.I.P power Nick you will truly be missed.

Chris Bosh Salty!…”Lost Case-Against Ex- Mathis …..”BBW’s Drama! “Deuces Annnnnnnnimout…”Said Allison!!

Baby mama never forget trust that! Chris Bosh Miami dream whateva heated lawsuit against his ex-Allison Mathis, remember how he refuse to let her participate on VH1’s “Basketball Wives? Well now a judge in L.A has spoken and threw out the case, claiming Bosh was just trying to harass his ex for no reason other than hate.” Bosh was afraid his ex would get on BBW’s Jump-off (yea we said it) and try to make money off of his success and fame, possible dragging his good name in the mud. The judge told him to go sit his azz down somewhere and if he spent more time trying to win a championship maybe he won’t notice how bad Allison will trash him…LOL! Just wait “BOSH” till Allison get around fake Evelyn, wanna be Jen, Runny mouth Suzie and Ghetto Tami since Meeka is gone you will be the bait so you betta bring it….just sayin… “Can somebody say meet the newst Basketball Wife cast member?


Lloyd (Clean Version) Feat Andrea 3000….” Dedication to my Ex!

The beat remind us so much of Michael Jackson…Clean version you can play in front of your youg-ins!

13Years & it’s A Wrap- No Way!…”Will Smith & Jada Pinkett….”Is Not Getting A Divorce!!!

Hollyweird is a strange place where marriages that last 8 months is a major record breaker. Will and Jada may have their problems like anybody else but separated or breaking up not buying that. We did however noticed on one of the episode from the TV show Hawthorne how Mark Anthony ( J-Lo Ex) had his tongue deep in her throat seem real didn’t it?…”LOL! That still wouldn’t put their marriage on blast and although we don’t like to add to bad rumors Will and Jada according to our source are not getting a divorce. Will son from a previous marriage put the rumor to rest by going on twitter to clear up his mom and dad gossip and this is what he had to say:”Will & Jada getting a DIVORCE…NOT TRUE AT ALL!!” the younger Smith Tweeted, before explaining, “Everyone can think what they want …even if it’s not true #Lame.

Just last month , the couple was vacationing in Hawaii and were even seen in Miami just a few day ago happy and laughing and we don’t think if you’re getting a divorce you wanna be seen on a beach out somewhere….Just sayin!

Source E-Online

Wanna Laugh…”We Broke…” BF Broke…” Country Broke… “But DeRay Got- Jokes!! (Trailer Power Play)!!!

Chi town DeRay from jumping has release his DVD “Power Play” out on DVD and digital. The comedian is also hosting the “Shaq All-Star Comedy Jam” with featured comedians Aries Spears, Tommy Davidson, Capone, Gary O you know those guys are real funny.. pick up the DVD and let us know what you think.

PETA-Eat No Meat-Save A Pet …”Now Ad Will Say Adopt SEX… “Launching Porn Site…”You Heard Us!!!

The organization-PETA and its high & mighty ad about the well-being of animals, is starting to smell like bull “I ‘hit forreal. PETA firmly stands for “Greed” not Ethical Treatment of Animals, but about how much more money can we muster up. PETA spokeswoman Lindsay Rajt said she wants to not only focus on fur& meat but instead a porn site, which will help raise awareness of veganism. “We really want to grab people’s attention and what better way to do that porn said Lindsy… Is this I’hit forreal?” Porn is big business we understand that but to mix the two raises some questions for us. ” Wonder how pornographic their ads will be now that they are implementing this sexy raw look. Yo PETA do you really think after someone finish watching porn, there apt to go eat veggies? speaking from a good place we care about animals, we own animals and as we stated before it’s all about How much more capital they can gain from the Lie that has made them billions…SMH!!

Another Dumb Mistake: Memphitz- Arrested & Release 4…”Carrying Gun Thru Airport Security!!!

According to our source thanks Girl for the info, Toya Carter Wright hubby Memphitz aka(MICKEY JR) was question by the Atlanta police then later released. The incident took place the rapper went thru the Atlanta Airport the security checkpoint and scanner spotted a loaded gun not just any gun but a Desert Eagle. The TSA staff immediately alerted police who took him in for questioning. Micky Wright was later released after proving to the police that he had the proper papers to carry the weapon unto plane (didn’t know you can do that). We learn something interesting today, Mempitzh is not only a rapper, but he’s an undercover cop that’s the reason for the gun silly!!…”We’re glad he had his ID and proper papers because you know how they love to lock up BMs….”just sayin…

The University of Miami Football…”Not The Only One In Spotlight…”What About Auburn State???

We shared with you about the drama with the University of Miami and the Booster who claims he offers several players fringe benefits, but that is not the only state under watch mode. Let’s talk about Auburn state for a minute and The No. 1 pick in the NFL draft, Cam Newton who found himself surrounded by controversy in 2010 after he suddenly transferred to Auburn- Mississippi-State. Well according to big papa Newton’s Cecil Newton his dad he has always maintains that is son transfer was on the up and up but demanded MSU pay for his son’s play. The NCAA is still investigating whether Auburn, which claims it did not pay Newton or his family to play football, gave money to both Cecil Newton his daddy, his church as a cover up. “Get this that very expensive suit that you saw Cam Newton wearing to his Heisman ceremony; it was given to him at a discount by whom? Go figure. The NCAA is looking into all leads even a third-party believes to have delivered money to the Newton’s undercover.

Money talks and there‘s a lot of snitches just waiting on the opportunity to drop a dime, personally we won’t be shocked we have always though the Newton’s was hiding something. Not to take anything away from dude his talents is awesome on the field but if everybody has dirty hands what will happen to other real players who hardly get a chance to showcase their talents? Programs are now beyond and some is arguing … “Who cares if student athletes or their family accept booster money? We would love to hear from you guys so go ahead and leave us a comment, tell us what you think…


New Music JOE: Losing ….”Love Joe’s Music….”What About You????

This is s what R&B used to sound like without auto tune.

Lil Wayne Trying 2- be The Next….” Terry Kennedy Busted….”His Eyes Wide Open to The White Meat…”LOL!!

Lil Wheezy trying to be the next so call Pro skateboarder like Terry Kennedy’s but got a bloody awakening when he attempt to some heavy hitters skateboarding tricks and was rushed to a nearby hospital. The rapper received nine stitches over his left eye and scare elbow before being released from the ER. He took to twitter as he always does and tweeted: The Lou was good but I busted my fuggin head at the sk8park! 9 stitches! Gnarly gash over my left eye!

Not funny but we have to laugh: Wheezy skateboarding really…” smoke less weed Lil Wheezy and stick to rapping just saying.

Crack is Whack…”Meth Eat Your Teeth…”LOL!! …”Teens Popped For Smuggling Tons Of Meth…” (Read On)!!

Two teens have been arrested for smuggling $619,000 crystal meth into the United States; the Border Patrol caught them dead in the act Monday. The 19-year-old men were arrested at the San Clemente checkpoint on Interstate 5 when agents found nearly 31 pounds of methamphetamine in 24 bundles hidden inside a speaker box in the trunk of their 2003 Toyota Corolla. They were caught after the music was so loud from the speaker one of Lil wheezy tracks that the office had to be pulled over officials said LOL! The two are U.S. citizens and the arrests came within hours of an arrest Thursday at the Pine Valley checkpoint along Interstate 8 of a woman suspected of trying to sneak methamphetamine worth $470,000 into the United States in her bra…(heavy Tata’s). In both cases, Border Patrol dogs alerted agents to the possibility of hidden drugs, officials said. Bundles of methamphetamine were found in a hidden compartment inside a speaker box in the trunk of the 2003 Toyota Corolla and were then stacked by agents in the back window.

Wanna bet a dime those Border Patrol police will smoke up some tonight, and then stash some in a bag pack for later and start selling? The Economy is tighter than a lizard ass right now, so all those drug will not go to waste…”Real talk…”LOL!!

Tampa Bay Cutie Dezmon Briscoe…”Crushing on New Boo …..’(Peep For Yourself)!!!

Dezmon Briscoe is just 21 years old with a bank account well over $2.6255 million so he certainly can afford any women he chooses basketball wife Royce Reed not a bad choice,they both are young and full a cum…LOL!! We bet the other ladies are hatin right now on Royce, you go Ma do you he’s hot.