Watch Out Kate Moss! Younger Sister Lotti May Just Be…..” New Face of 2012 Cat-Walk!

Lottie Moss is just 13yeas old and 5’11’ has caught the attention of several agency and photographer who are willing to sign her now. She has skin like porcelain, blonde hair, blue eyes and great cheekbones, all of what Hollyweird is about. One photograph quoted as saying Lottie looks beautiful and fresh – she has a very English rose look. The question will be whether her parents will agree to sign her now or have her wait till she’s 14 which is the age that Hollyweird is starting all fresh new models.

Source: Mailonline


Fans are extremely Unbalance: “49ers Against Oakland Game…..”Turns Bloody (Read on)!

A preseason football game between the 49ers and Raiders turn bloody when two men were shot outside the stadium and a third man was beaten unconscious in the bathroom. It all started with a man wearing a t-shirt with the words that said “F—the 49ers he was shot multiple times in the stomach In one of the shootings, a man wearing a shirt that said “F—the 49ers” was shot multiple times in the stomach he is now in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after driving himself to the hospital. A second man 20s, shot in the face outside the stadium shortly before the Raiders fan was gunned down. Police said he suffered minor wounds. One suspect was arrested, The violence comes as the city’s sports community is still reeling from an incident in March when two thugs in LA went in on a San Francisco Giant putting him in a coma, two men have been charges in that incident.

Source-ESPN news

Celebs Who Love….”Their Prints &Leopard …’ (Check them out)!!

Shante and Snoop

You all can say what you want about Shante, Snoops wife but that chick is 100% real, at least she’s not phony when you meet her out. We can’t say that for some of hollyweird actor and actresses not calling names. As for the rumors linking Drake& Serena hook-up…straight ‘Nonsence”.

Rumor Control: Curse of the Reality- Housewives! ….” Lisa Wu &Hubby Ed- In Splitsville!

Our source in the A contacted us earlier yesterday and revealed that there is rumors going around regarding former Atlanta house wife Lisa Wu splitting from her hubby Ed Hartwell. If you remember Lisa she use to be married to Keith Sweat, and she was the chick that was always running around like she was on something plus literally had tooooooooo many jobs one of them fashion designer. Nothing jumped out at us and screamed buy me but Sheree Winfield clothing didn’t either, she also have Hart 2 children clothing line as well. Our insider went on to say Lisa has been spotted out at several exclusive areas in Atlanta alone and without her wedding ring- oohh! First it was Nene and hubby Greg then some issue with Kim Zolciak who delivered a beautiful baby boy named Kroy Jagger who was dating baby daddy Kroy Biermann but they seem to have work thru their issues. We just lost Russell Armstrong from Real housewife of Beverly Hills’ committed suicide by hanging himself and now Lisa and Ed no longer the happy couple once displayed on television. When a BMNW it always brings a financial strain on the other partner to step up, Ed may denied all he wants that this has nothing to do with finance, but 99% of the time this is the causes for most couples to split up either that or somebody cheated.

We wanna know did somebody put an ax on Housewives reality show cast members? Why? Because I ‘hit just keeps happening… forreal…?

Source-Insider for

Kim Kardashin Did it!!!… “Marries Her Cutie Muffin Kris Humphries; In A Stars-Studded Lavish-Ceremony!

Eight-month of romance bliss is finally over Kim Kardashian wed basketball player Kris Humphries in a lavish star-studded California wedding Saturday. The bride and groom exchanged vows in front of hundreds of their close friends and several members of the large Kardashian FAM. Guests arrived in shuttle vans with tinted windows,and some of the guest list included actress Lindsay Lohan, singer Justin Bieber, tennis mogul Serena Williams.The $29 million dollar estate where she wed Humphries her New Jersey Net muffin, was well worth the money and incidentally there were no sighting of Reggie Bush…LOL!

Source-People magazine.

Money Makin Slot Machine…”CHA-CHINNNNG!! 6’5’ Terrelle Pryor….”Holds Pro Day! (Check out Video)

With a five game suspension Pryor is still not ready but has the potential to be the best QT. Give him two-year to mature enough in the NFL and sport fans like us will have memory lost when it comes to what he did to gain suspension. We really believe he would be great playing alongside Michael Vick or maybe take a job in Miami. What’s your take? Where do you think Pryor’s talents would be well received?

Discussion: Our Neighborhood- Salon’s Gone?………” Are You Still Getting Your Hair Done Or Wearing A Wig?

Hood salons use to be the spot, plus it’s was a one stop shoppers dream, anything you want to buy you can find in the hood salons. The downside to getting your locks done in the so call hood can be a drag especially the long wait, “You better make your dinner plate, bring your fan, and your own chair because you will be there for at least eight to nine hours if you’re lucky. But it was a spot where sista’s could gather, talk about real issues like our men LOL! back in 2010 Noire magazine did an articles on knowing if your salon was hood, they pointed out that if your stylist has someone in the chair, someone under the dryer and someone at the sink your salon is hood they were dead on. We truly miss the spot where we used to get our hair done, our salon was straight up hood, and even though she had almost twenty people show up for the same appointment when you left sometimes @midnight you knew your hair was gonna last close to three-week. Kekee our stylist was the bomb, she would grease our scalp like no other and had growing hands, she would feed all of us stopping in between each head to barbecue some Flounder- fish that tasted like gradmama’s kitchen, we were all family. If you didn’t have all your money for your hair she would let us put it on credit real talk.

Fail economy and lost of income forced KeKee to close up shop, but what we have been noticing lately more sisters are either weaving, braiding or wigging it out they say to save money. But no matter how rough it maybe we still love having our hair done by a professional, the Dominicans may not be Kekee but it’s the best for right now. Several beauty supply stores have made billions on black hair care products and customers, blacks are there only resource and they will continued to make money in the future, because they have studies the culture of blacks to a point where even the wigs they are making looks like the real naps in our hair. Blacks refuse to frequent their own neighborhood salon’s which has forced so many professional out of business, some of those salons were the one place you could go and be happy, the very place that has kept “sista’s from all walk of life sane and together. So the next time you go to Jasynia down the street, remember don’t trip you only getting what you pay for…. Thatswhatsupnow.

Words-London Milani

Donald Faison (“Scrubs)” & Cee-Cobb…”Are Planning On Jumping The Broom!!!

Donald has been dating his cutter for a minute so it’s only right that he marries her. 37-year-old Faison and 33 year Cee are apparently crushing deeply; the news of their engagement broke via twitter as a friend post congrats. Faison wrote, “If you like and love it then you better put a Ring on it. –Beyonce.” His fiancé Cee- Cobb, 33, replied, “If she likes it then she better say YESsssssssssss!!” We have never been a true fan of the TV show”Scrubs” kinda- boring but ‘dang another LSBMW taken. ’Sista‘s stick ur chest out it “Aint that serious…’Your turn is coming…LOL!

Straight Up Hood:”Babysitter Arrested 4 Driving With…8- Month Old On Back of A Pick Up Truck!

Keyona Nicole Davis, from Daytona Beach, Florida, 23-year-old babysitter arrested for child neglect after riding in the back of a pick-up truck with an eight-month-old child beside her in a stroller. The driver of the truck, Bennie White, was cited for careless driving and having a young child driving in the back of his truck in that condition especially in the blazing heat. People who witness this incident contacted 911 as the truck travelled along two busy intersections of Orange County at times speeding. When Davis faced the judge she was puzzled as to why she was arrested. ‘I got my first child when I was 16,’ she said during the court appearance and we always rode in pick-up nobody died then. Davis explained to the court she has been babysitting without incident since she was a teenager and didn’t realize police would consider this endangering a child. She was cited and told to stay the heck always from the baby and its mother.

The Hood Rat’ knew it was wrong? Why she’s now acting like she didn’t…SMH!!


More Update “On Rapper- Kampane aka (Rhian Stoute)…” Unexplained Murder- 3 People Arrested (Read On) !!

Three suspects are under arrest in the murder of an up and coming Brooklyn rapper found fatally shot and burned in New Jersey earlier this week. The accused killers are, Randy Manning, 30, being held on $2 million bail, and two others involved in the case, held on lesser bail and all of them is from Brooklyn. According to source Randy Manning was real close to the rapper close enough to go shopping together as friend, they argued for a while then drove to a local mall in Paramus New Jersey where they shopped in several stores. later that same day Mannings who was still upset about not getting the money the rapper owed him drove to a vacant house in Englewood NJ, where Randy Manning shot the rapper several times in the head and torso, then set fire to his body to try to destroy evidence. After watching his friend burned to death he got into the rappers SUV and drove back to BK in the same SUV he had just killed. The next day he unload the rappers body burned beyond recognizable and left it in the truck near a visible parking lot. “Wow! people are just cruel and we hope Jesus have mercy on his soul? Manning is being held in the country jail in Brooklyn.

Source-New York Daily

Eddie…Murphy Is Back!!!!! Yea!….”(Peep Movie Trailer Heist) Feat Gabourey Sidibe…”Funnnnnnny!

Eddie Murphy always seems to be hooked on playing the same movieroles, but we must admit its always hilarious watching… welcome back Eddie.

Oooohhhhhh! Amber Claim Bloggers Are Ruining Her life… “A Little Late Missy- 2 Wanna Act Brand New!!!

Amber talk a lot of i’hiiiiiiiit doesn’t she? She claim bloggers have no regards for her feeling but isn’t this is the woman who took photos with her fist in her private area? Nw all of a suddenly she’s blaming media. Worst thing worst thing I read about myself said Amber, are the countless rumors that are just made up off the top of someone’s head,” Rose says. “They don’t care about my life or my livelihood. They were just like ‘Oh there’s nothing going on in the world, let’s make up something about Amber, post it and everyone in the world believed it.'” First and foremost the stories we most are checked out before we even post them so no not all media make up things Amber.


Check out Keri Hilson…Muggin… “Video- The Way You Love Me…” Feat Rick Ross!

The video makes no sense whatsoever maybe they were trying to ‘set It off” but good to see faith Evans employed…LOL!

They’re Back! If you’re gonna Go 2 Wal-Mart…”Pleassssssssssss Dress Like You Have Sense…”Crack is Wack!!!!

This world is going to hell ten times over!”People are making themselves look like idiots thinking it’s cute. Common seriously why do people get up in the middle of the night go to Wal-Mart looking like this?

Photos-People of Wal-Mart

Urban Outfitters Being sued by….”Parents of Hailey- Clauson (16)…”Over Provocative Shots!

Hailey Clauson photograph in question was taken by Jason Lee Parry in March 2010, when the model was 15 years old. According to the lawsuit by Clauson’s parents against Urban Outfitters stores she claims that one particular photo the one where she is straddling a motorcycle in leather hot pants has appeared on a t-shirt at Urban Outfitters without permission and this provides a wallpaper for the likes of sick pedophiles,” according to the New York Post. Clauson parents are suing all three retailers and the photographer for a total of $28mil in punitive damages, whats unsual about this permission she’s claiming is unjustified because her daughter Hailey walked in Diane von Furstenberg’s show at age 15, even though the Council of Fashion Designers of America guidelines state that no models under the age of 16 should be hired. Furstenberg herself is the CFDA president, and while she apologized for not verifying Clauson’s age on her ID, we wonder why Clauson’s parents agreed to let the underage teen walk the runway. Mr Carson we would love to hear your view on that, you must take some responsibility as a parent for agreeing to have you daughter model in those provocative outfits which you yourself agreed to in writing.

Fame comes with a price and as a parent if you are willing to sell your soul to the highest bidder then you shouldn’t complain…That’s real talk. We literally had to cover one of the hots due to all her business showing.”Do you think that Clauson parents should take some of the blame or who’s to blame for the pictures being taken in the first place? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Newborn Found in- Shoe Box with Umbilical Cord Still attach….”Close Your Legs If You…” Don’t Want to Get Pregnant…SMH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A newborn baby girl was found in a shoebox outside a Queens’s home Friday morning and police is still baffled as to who would leave this baby lying on the steps in a shoe box. They now have a lead, the Childs mother, a 19-year-old who has been hospitalized with heavy bleeding from her delivery. The baby girl was tightly wrapped and placed in a shoe box and was found at about 7 a.m. on Friday by a resident of 28th St. in Astoria Queens. A red-and-white rose and a large Elmo placard were also left at the scene. The baby had just been delivered and her umbilical cord attached, she was rushed to the Elmhurst hospital and is in stable condition.

“The baby is fine,” but she could have died, now hopefully the mother will close her legs, because apparently she didn’t want this baby leaving it like she did…SMH!!


Who’s The Murking I ‘hit Starter…? Michael Vick Rumored to Sign…..” 2years Prior With- Eagles!!

Everyone know that’s not true about Vick signing with any team prior, remember he had incarceration issues two years ago and didn’t have a job or any prospect to secure work so you all need shut it up. Michael Vick signed with the Eagles after serving 21 months in federal prison for his part in a dog fighting operation but according to source he supposedly met with Goodell before he was reinstated back into the NFL. Eagles coach Andy Reid beg to differ he saw something in the athlete and was more willing to take a chance knowing that he was a so call convict. Reid saw greatness plain and simple plus his two sons Britt and Garrett had each served time in jail so for him this was personal. Vick eventually signed a two-year $6.8 million deal with the Eagles in 2009 but after last season, the Eagles designated Vick as their franchise player and he is now playing for $16 million as of 2011. Given the choice maybe Vick wouldn’t have chosen Philly but he needed a J.O.B and that was the best situation at the time for the athlete who is so humbling more so now than ever.

What we don’t understand is all of sudden everyone’s on team Vick, where the heck where all of you when he needed a shoulder to cry on? Nowhere!!! So shut the murk up watch…LOL!! play real football Bengals and Bills…’Yea” You both…” E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES now Thatswhatsupnow.

Source-GQ magazine

GET OUUUUT!! “Vera Wang Deep Pockets Drop 10 Mil on Glass House….”‘Wow”-” Fabulosos …” (Check – Pics) !!

When you hear the name Vera Wang what come to mind? Designer of beautiful gown and shoes right? But for us it’s that heffa is” RICH”. Ms Wang recently purchased a home in Beverly Hills for a mere pittance of $10 million which would calculate in our world $10 for us peasant. The home is a mid-century modern home completely renovated, with all new siding; it has four bedrooms, a theater, a pool & spa. The unique thing about this home is it is made completely out of Glass. Spend that cheddar. Vera is looking a bit aging don’t you think? maybe it’s just us, Ms. Wang with the prices you charge for a gown, we would have to save up a lifetime to purchase one..” LOL!!!