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Chris Bosh Salty!…”Lost Case-Against Ex- Mathis …..”BBW’s Drama! “Deuces Annnnnnnnimout…”Said Allison!!

Baby mama never forget trust that! Chris Bosh Miami dream whateva heated lawsuit against his ex-Allison Mathis, remember how he refuse to let her participate on VH1’s “Basketball Wives? Well now a judge in L.A has spoken and threw out the case, claiming Bosh was just trying to harass his ex for no reason other than hate.” Bosh was afraid his ex would get on BBW’s Jump-off (yea we said it) and try to make money off of his success and fame, possible dragging his good name in the mud. The judge told him to go sit his azz down somewhere and if he spent more time trying to win a championship maybe he won’t notice how bad Allison will trash him…LOL! Just wait “BOSH” till Allison get around fake Evelyn, wanna be Jen, Runny mouth Suzie and Ghetto Tami since Meeka is gone you will be the bait so you betta bring it….just sayin… “Can somebody say meet the newst Basketball Wife cast member?