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“Earthquake Shook NYC… “But -AHAAAAA!!!! Moments Later ….”We were Fine!! ..”Wake Up Call !!

We felt the TV shook then fell and at first we figure it might have been, our dad trying to come back from the dead and slap the I ‘hit outta us after 8 years …LOL. As funny as that seem it was a real Earthquake that passed thru NYC. For many people this was a stressful afternoon, but there was no major harm thank god. The n we found out later that a magnitude 5.8 earthquake rattled the East Coast causing panic and confusion from North Carolina to as far north as New Hampshire, the US Geological Survey and DC. The Pentagon and Capitol Building in Washington, DC, had to be evacuated at 1:51 p.m. People were running like it was another 9/11 it was scary just to watch. He quake zone is within 100 miles of two nuclear power plants. The reactors were automatically taken off-line by safety systems and no damage was reported at either location. Washington’s Union Station was evacuated and damaged as a result of the quake, cracks opened up and chunks of plaster fell from the ceiling. DC police told a Fox News producer that there is concern that the Washington Monument may have also been slightly damage. We don’t know about you but there have been too many sign and no one is paying attention…” It is a “Wakeup call.

Source-London Milani