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Jamal Parris Is Goin-2 Milk the Cow (Eddie-Long)…”Until Titties- Dry up…”New Tell-All Book in the Works!!!

Jamal Parris, 24 who was paid to shut his trap is now speaking out about his plans to write A Tell all book. Neither Parris nor fellow accuser Spencer LeGrande, now 23, expected an admission of wrongdoing or an apology. “I knew who he was,” LeGrande said. “I knew what was coming.” Jamal went on to say Bishop long offer now apology as he sat across the four men in negotiations and settlement. “He had 5 rocks and hadn’t thrown one yet said Jamal and when I saw that man after the settlement address the congregation I was like….’How dare You. Parris said he was raised without a strong male influence. “My dad was abusive,” he said. “My dad would flake out … that’s all a predator needs.

Long was the father figure the youths of the church craved? He called them his armor-bearers and rewarded their loyalty with exotic trips, expensive gifts and, more importantly, a role model. The two young men said in an interview in Miami last week, Long often compared his youngas to David, and Goliath after hearing that come out of his mouth, I got quiet,” Parris said. “I started crying. I couldn’t even stop crying because I was angry. The way he walked up to the stage. The way I saw people stand up and applaud this man. I thought how dare you.” Jamal said he has decided to put in all in a book every detail…does he have more secret …”You bet” said Jamal you aint seen nothing yet. Both men are now enjoying the fruit of their labor, living in Miami on the proceeds of the settlement. Bishop Eddie Long has since denied allegations. We could go on and on about this case but if money and greed dont bring you show and the book will go for it Mr Paris thatswhatsupnow forreal.

Source: Fox5-Atlanta