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“Whatz with the NBA Lockout? China & Kobe Negotiating….”Some Say Players Living Paycheck 2 Paycheck!….”Who? Common Lemme SEE!

Chinese officials want to derail the prospect of rent-a-players for the lockout. That would leave a far smaller pool of NBA free agents available to sign, and those players will have to commit to playing a full season in the Far East ( if China agrees) and If the lockout ever ends which it will. The players opted to go overseas will not be allowed to return to the NBA until the Chinese season ends in mid-March according to China, that’s part of the agreement playing over in that country. Kobe is the biggest star right now in negotiations with China, but he isn’t alone, San Antonio spurs point guard Tony (cheat on your wife) Parker has also been engaged in serious talks with china. The NBA loves that China and even Europe are pushing hard for Kobe Bryant and the NBA’s biggest stars to make the lockout leap overseas, there isn’t much the players can do to create leverage in this lockout, and after that meeting later this week in China, there could be even less. If China decides to lays down legislation that could force strict stipulation that would be crippling signing of NBA stars. The fans and the player will now something at least by Nov-December or whether they will have jobs or not, because that’s when the checks stop coming. We know a few good men able and willing to step in and play, so just let us know NBA. These men are true street warriors who can bring it for a fee of 100,000 a year and some Gatorade sponsorship. ‘What you say Mr. David Stern sounds like a plan?

Leave us your comment and tell us what you think of this NBA Lockout. “Football is fine but we’ve gotta have our basketball, ladies love to see sweaty men run up and down the court winning…..LOL!!