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Another Dumb Mistake: Memphitz- Arrested & Release 4…”Carrying Gun Thru Airport Security!!!

According to our source thanks Girl for the info, Toya Carter Wright hubby Memphitz aka(MICKEY JR) was question by the Atlanta police then later released. The incident took place the rapper went thru the Atlanta Airport the security checkpoint and scanner spotted a loaded gun not just any gun but a Desert Eagle. The TSA staff immediately alerted police who took him in for questioning. Micky Wright was later released after proving to the police that he had the proper papers to carry the weapon unto plane (didn’t know you can do that). We learn something interesting today, Mempitzh is not only a rapper, but he’s an undercover cop that’s the reason for the gun silly!!…”We’re glad he had his ID and proper papers because you know how they love to lock up BMs….”just sayin…