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Crack is Whack…”Meth Eat Your Teeth…”LOL!! …”Teens Popped For Smuggling Tons Of Meth…” (Read On)!!

Two teens have been arrested for smuggling $619,000 crystal meth into the United States; the Border Patrol caught them dead in the act Monday. The 19-year-old men were arrested at the San Clemente checkpoint on Interstate 5 when agents found nearly 31 pounds of methamphetamine in 24 bundles hidden inside a speaker box in the trunk of their 2003 Toyota Corolla. They were caught after the music was so loud from the speaker one of Lil wheezy tracks that the office had to be pulled over officials said LOL! The two are U.S. citizens and the arrests came within hours of an arrest Thursday at the Pine Valley checkpoint along Interstate 8 of a woman suspected of trying to sneak methamphetamine worth $470,000 into the United States in her bra…(heavy Tata’s). In both cases, Border Patrol dogs alerted agents to the possibility of hidden drugs, officials said. Bundles of methamphetamine were found in a hidden compartment inside a speaker box in the trunk of the 2003 Toyota Corolla and were then stacked by agents in the back window.

Wanna bet a dime those Border Patrol police will smoke up some tonight, and then stash some in a bag pack for later and start selling? The Economy is tighter than a lizard ass right now, so all those drug will not go to waste…”Real talk…”LOL!!